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Friday, 16 May 2008

Return to walking-the-dog duties

My daughter is now back on shifts in the hospital and so I'm grandson and dog minding. Therefore this, as my regular readers will know, involves lots of walking.

Today I dropped my grandson at school and onto Bushey Park to walk Boo. Having enjoyed temperatures in the mid 70's over the last few days, the drop in temperature came as a bit of a shock. I do hope that this isn't a repeat of the last year's warmth followed by cool and much rain!

Apart from the "usual" birds who are all busy nesting, there was some defensive behaviour from some of the water fowl.

The Egyptian Geese goslings are still maintaining the presence on the pond where Pete and I first saw them on 1 March . There is very little difference now between them and their mum and dad. It may be that this will be my last account of the goslings as I expect that they will move from the normal "place of residence" as they get older and their change in appearance will now not be so noticeable.

The family of Mute Swans are moving about the pond and this time the cygnets were all on dry land. Mum was getting anxious as she could not reach them to protect them from the Jackdaws. The jackdaws however, weren't the least bit interested in the cygnets but wanted the food the was about.

There's a pair of Great-crested Grebes with one youngster. Mum and Dad were also defending their young one today - although it was hidden from view.

The stream as been blocked for the time being
as there is some very invasive weed that the Park's
Management are trying to get rid of. The left-hand side
is open but...

... Mum couldn't reach them from where she was and
was warding off the Jackdaws.

A pair of Great-Crested Grebes were sounding their
alarm call as...

A Grey Heron landed on the branches immediately
above them...

Two of the goslings with a parent

and one of them enjoying a meal of the pond grass

1 comment:

Jan said...

Lol @ the Swan looking as if it's about to take a chunk out of that Jackdaw!

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