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Friday, 1 May 2009

Birds and Beasts of Richmond Park

In the Isabella Plantation there are three ponds. This one, near one of the gates often has waterfowl. But today, I got a great surprise.

Now I don't know whether these are escapes or collection birds. I've never know collection birds to be present in Richmond Park. The Plantation has a boundary fence around it which is to keep out the Deer of the park. There is no restriction on the coming or going of birds. I shall be contacting the relevant people at Richmond Park to find out more.

Heard three Green Woodpeckers calling - lots of drumming. Chiffchaffs around and the tinkling of a Skylark. The park management had again posted signs around a large area near Penn Ponds advising walkers that Skylarks could be nesting again. Didn't see any evidence but it's early days yet.

The first surprise was this Wood Duck - !!! I first saw six male Mandarins and a short while later another two flew in. The only female was near the Wood Duck - I'm sure it's a female Mandarin.

The these two Pintails swam slowly around the pond - again, never seen them here before.

A female tufty fishing

Male Mandarin

also fishing

Then, tucked away on an island where I couldn't get a good view, this Shelduck (one of two) was sleeping.

So, having spent a goodly time in the Isabella Plantation, I headed around the other side to visit Pembroke Lodge and use the facilities!

But before I could get back to the car, these Fallow Deer who were playing host to the Jackdaws caught my attention; a small group dozing in the afternoon sun.

"If I creep up from behind, he'll never notice and he won't miss a few hairs either"

"Now, if I ask very nicely......

and droop my head in supplication...

then perhaps I could steal a few more hairs?"

and finally, left in peace to doze.


Billy said...

Well done with the Wood duck Tricia, never seen that in Isabella before! As for the Pintail, these little guys have been there since the start of January at least (same with Shelduck). Great photos as usual!

Tricia said...

Hi Billy. Thanks for that info. Just shows how long since I was in the Plantation!

holdingmoments said...

That series of the Jackdaw and Fallow Deer really are special. I think pictures that show animal behaviour and interaction like that are top class.
Certainly was a good day you had.

mick said...

I had a chuckle at the photos of the bird on the deer. The photos of the flowers and the park grounds in the first post are absolutely beautiful!

ShySongbird said...

Delightful photos Tricia.

Tricia said...

Keith - I do agree about animal interaction. Any animal/bird etc. that's behaving this was is always interesting.

Mick - thanks. The jackdaws in particular seem to like the fallow deer's "hair" as nesting material.

Jan - thank you as usual :D

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