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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Springtime at Parham House and Gardens

Today there was an Stitchcraft exhibition on at Parham that Mum wanted to see; so I provided the muscle power for the wheelchair.

As we drove along the entry road through the parkland, a herd of Fallow Deer bounded across in front of us - we had to stop to let them over the road - lovely to have an excuse to sit a view the parkland for a bit. The deer are "managed" to retain their dark brown coat. Interesting to ponder as to what "managed" means........

It was a reasonably pleasant day with some sun so, exhibition duly visited, we had a wander around the formal (ish) gardens. There's a vast amount of parkland that I've never explored (for various reasons) so one day I intend to investigate further.

We had an enjoyable stroll and, in the walled garden, we were sheltered from the north-westerly wind and it was lovely in the warm sun.

Our wander over, we popped into the tea rooms for lunch. Parham's catering does leave a little to be desired. The menu's not that exciting; the sandwiches, however, are under £3 which is cheap in this day and age, albeit fairly run of the mill. The organisation of the servery and service begs to be - well - organised and it's cramped in the tables area. With a wheeelchair - very difficult!! If you can sit outside so much the better.

In the archway, house martins nested last year. Wisteria covers the front of this building (The stables I believe)

Looking away from the house and out beyond the chapel.

The umbrellas provide shade for the seating area of the tea rooms.

This chicken was accompanied by two others; one each of white and black

Down the slope the lake stretches away in the distance..

In the walled garden, an old pump (it's the pump that leans, not the photographer :D)

An enjoyable visit. Parham House is well worth a look. The Long Gallery at the top of the house is pretty impressive!! But we couldn't make it up there today.


holdingmoments said...

Thanks for the stroll round Parham Tricia. It does look a lovely place.
Glad you cleared that up about the old pump; thought it may have been something in the tea. :)
Great pictures again.

Old Wom Tigley said...

This is a beautiful place for sure, I could see myself.. camera in hand walking around there.. love the boat house. I would have also spent time at the Stitchcraft as well... I am knitting at the moment after a long break from it.

What a great idea with the mealworms.. I must get some and try this out .

Tricia said...

It is a lovely place Keith but really needs more exploration.

Interesting idea about the tea though :D

Hi Tom - there are some really talented people who were displaying their work. You definitely need a camera when visiting Parham and it's short and gentle stroll around the gardens.

The Early Birder said...

Have driven past many, many times so thanks for taking me inside.

Tricia said...

Frank - you're welcome. Next time you're passing and fancy a gentle wander...

ShySongbird said...

What a lovely place to visit Tricia, I hope your Mum enjoyed the exhibition, that would have interested me too.

Lovely photos as always, the chicken was a striking looking creature and the flowers all beautiful, as I didn't get out at all I enjoyed sharing your day, thank you.

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