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Saturday, 30 May 2009

We arrived!

Had a not to bad journey down to Somerset and we stopped en route at Wilton House in Wiltshire. The house, as we already knew, would be closed but the grounds and gardens open.

We walked through the gardens; it was so quiet and peaceful. The river Nadder runs through the estate and trickles, shallowly, over cobbley stones as it wends its way. A few Mallards were swimming around doing normal Mallard things. A female cruised passed with three young.

I looked further down the river and whey hey – a Little Egret. It was looking for food but didn't seem to find any and finally, it flew – up into an adjacent tree. I had only my landscape lens with me but, hey I saw it and it was a great surprise!

Arrived at our final destination along a many country lanes. The villiage consists of a few house and a church it seems – but further investigation may prove otherwise.

We're in a converted barn on a working farm with fields full of buttercups everywhere you look. Horses are stabled here and are out the in the fields grazing contendedly.

As we got out of the car, I heard that oh so familiar sound – Swallows!! I looked up and six or so were diving and sweeping passed our heads – you felt, almost, as though you should duck. Up on the roof a lone Pied Wagtail looked around him and yes – the wonderful sound of House Sparrows – still chirruping as I type.

A commotion from the Swallows and they bombarded a Sparrowhawk flying through the courtyard. Amazing – four different species of birds and we hadn't got through the front door.

I've tried to upload some pictures but my connection, I believe is too slow. If I can get them posted I'll do so.

In the meantime - oooh it's warm :D

In this tree in Wilton House Garden, a blue tit had its nest. Half way - vertically - between the two holes you can see!

A Little Egret stands and stares

One of the neighbours..


Roy said...

Hey Tricia, if you need an Interpreter. {:)

Warren Baker said...

sounds like you 've found a small paradise tricia!

avalon said...

WOW! wish i were there with you two lovely people , you paint a wonderful picture of somerset life. Enjoy the break and the good weather xx

holdingmoments said...

Off to a good start.
It sounds idyllic.

Joe said...

I liked your photos, Tricia. I saw a Little Egret on holiday in Norfolk this week

ShySongbird said...

Sounds wonderful, ENJOY!!!!

Jayne said...

Sound just idyllic Tricia , I hope you and your Mom have a delightfuul holiday

Glo said...

Lovely to hear you arrived safe and sound and have had a lovely start to your holiday. Thanks for checking in :)

Tricia said...

Roy - I'll be in touch...

Warren - with Swallows around all day - yes :D

J (Avalon) - You'd be very welcome indeed xx

Keith - yep, not bad eh?

Joe - thanks for visiting

Jayne and Glo - thank you both.

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