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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Flowers and Frogs

Went over to the LWC at Barnes today. The Mute Swans were still on their nest and a member of staff advised that they were expected to hatch some time today. It seems that the official version is three eggs.

I'd arrived as the centre opened and it was very quiet in terms of birds and people.

Amazing colour greeted me as I started my walk

This (I believe Pyramidal Orchid) was amongst an area of wild flowers.
Edit: Thanks Maurice for identifying this as a Marsh Orchid

Marsh frogs were everywhere and making themselves heard in no uncertain terms

and here we can see the inflated vocal sacs - multiply these by several frogs around the reserve and it's easy to understand that it was quite noisy today.

A young Mallard has mastered the art of "bottoms up"

and this is my usual picture of a Common Tern
perhaps one day I'll get a decent one... sigh.....

A Lapwing was crying and flying backwards and forwards. Apparently "they" think that it's lost its young. From the plaintive cries I could well believe this.

Now - I always get Reed and Sedge Warblers confused. This, I believe, is a Reed Warbler.
(but if I'm wrong, please do correct me :D)

Edit: Thanks Warren for confirming it's a Reed Warbler

I came across this nest box that was occupied and a parent was busy feeding the young ones inside.
(If you "click" to enlarge the picture, a small beak can be seen inside the entrance)

One of the collection Cranes

A female Mandarin having a preen

And this Robin parent sat with a beakful of a meal for its young. As it wouldn't move until I left - I left and it immediately flew into the tree; hopefully to feeds its young.

Sadly, of the four young Little Grebes that I saw last Saturday, only one was left. Mum and Dad were both very much in evidence so it wasn't a case of sibling division between the parents. Sad - but that's nature for you.

A family of three cygnets were watching a "how to dive for food" demo by Dad.

Dad was definitely keen to provide food for his familyd

Another "collection" bird is the White Headed Duck who looks more aggressive that he was

Various flutters about - I want to say this is a Red Admiral?
Edit: and thanks to Pete and Maurice for the ID of Painted Lady!

and this one - I'm still consulting the books......
Edit: Pete's suggestion of Common Blue seems a likely suspect - a female

This amazing insect coloured a metallic green was enjoying the daisy. I'm not even going to guess what it is - but if anyone knows....

and Bees were being busy

It may be a Wetland Centre but to me, its very much a Wildlife Centre - all we need now are a few Dragons......

....and I might not be able to get back there for a couple of weeks so it will be interesting to see how the Mute Swans (nesting at the foot of the statue of Sir Peter Scott) do and how many cygnets they have.


Warren Baker said...

Tis, indeed a Reed Warbler. I know not what the green beetle is though! I'm sure I have been told before what they are, but it's no good I can't remember!

Keep trying with the terns!

Pete said...

like the bee with the flowers.

painted lady first flutter

common blue?

yes a reed warbler

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

The orchid is a Marsh Orchid
The first butterfly is a Painted Lady.



Midmarsh John said...

Your green beetle - have a look on

A bit over half way down is a photo of Oedemera nobilis – thick-legged flower beetle (family Oedemeridae) .

Looks to me very much like yours.

Tricia said...

Warren - thanks for confirming the Reed Warbler :D I shan't give up with the Terns!

Pete - thanks. Painted Lady - that's good news. And I'm inclined to agree with Common blue - a female.

Hi Maurice and thanks for visiting. Also thank you for the Marsh Orchid and Painted Lady! :)

John - I've checked your link and I'm sure you're correct. I hadn't really noticed, properly, the leg bulges on my picture of the Thick legged flower beetle. What am amazing beetle it is! Thank you :)

Midmarsh John said...

A short while ago I was reading a blog where a green thick legged beetle was mentioned so that was what I Googled for :)

Love all the photos - as for catching the part underwater shot of the swan - well done.

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
Well I'm not gonna talk about ID as it has been done, but I'm gonna talk about diversity... Gosh some many animals in this post. Here I'm happy when I can see 10 species in a walk, and if I want to see 20 then I have to do several places. And the best is that you are coming back home with so many good shots of them. Sometime if not all the time, I envy you but I also want to thank you to share this with us!!!

holdingmoments said...

Great post as ever Tricia, and some beautiful pictures to go with it.
The blue Iris are stunning. What a colour!
Great catch of the frog.
Well done with the Reed Warbler, not easy.
Blue Tit, great at the nest box.
Excellent day out.

Roy said...

Nice shot of the Painted Lady Tricia.
With the Reed and Sedge Warbler, I always try and remember that the Sedge has colouring on his back like the House Sparrow the Reed is plain brown.

Glo said...

What terrific photos, such a wonderful variety ~ and so much colour! What a great place to walk and take a camera. I loved seeing the little beak poking out of the nest box!

Thanks to your previous posts with the ducklings etc., I set off today to duck "hunt". I finally managed to see some ducklings and goslings...but at such a distance! I will try and post something later, but definitely nothing to compare with your wonderful photos!

Glo said...

Oh, also, I meant to say that the photo showing the frog's inflated vocal sacs is truly amazing! What fabulous shots you shared here!

Lily said...

My favourite phote is the underwater swan - I've never seen anything like it before, stunning!

JRandSue said...

Great Blog,full of interesting Images. Fabulous looking Swan.

Matt Latham said...

you've managed a good selection of species there! Love the Little Grebe images, with young! Just a point - I think the collection duck is a White Headed Duck and not Ruddy Duck? ta

Tricia said...

John - thanks for your further kind comment.

Chris - I consider we are very lucky to have such diversity in the UK. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy it all!

Keith - thank you. Those irises are amazing colours! The Reed Warbler kept me occupied and out of trouble for a good 3/4 of an hour!

Roy - Thanks for the comment and for the ID tip!

Glo - glad to see you again. I'm so glad you found your ducklings - perhaps they'll come a little nearer for you soon :D

Lily - the water was so clear that it made it all possible. Doesn't happen like that very often!

JR&Su - thank you :D

Matt - You are, of course, absolutely correct and thank you for letting me know. I've amended my post accordingly.

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