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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Springing into action

Today was set aside for doing some housework. Some while ago I'd posted about finding considerable damage to my carpet by carpet moth. Well today, I found a new area - not around the skirting boards but about 18 inches into the room under a coffee table. Hey ho. So most of the morning was spent wielding the vacuum cleaner and spraying - "Oh Bother" - I said! I love doing this....

Later on I nipped down to the Thames near where my daughter (SPD) lives - she'd alerted me to a pair of nesting Grebes.

As I joined the River this family of Mallards swam over - no doubt looking to be fed. They were unlucky!

Time for some "cuteness"

Proud Mum

"Oooh" "What's that up there....."

Dad was more interested in his appearance than the family.

I walked along the river bank but by now my view was very restricted by the increasing growth on the bank. Then I heard that unmistakable call from one Great Crested Grebe to another and I spotted one swimming about. I still couldn't see any nesting activity. But - finally - teetering on the top of the bank, with a steep slope covered in nettles etc. and nothing to break my fall into the river below, I found the nest. This is the best shot I could get.

Time to go but along by the nettles, these two butterflies (Green-viened Whites) were ensuring the continuation of the species

As I was so near SPD's I fancied stretching my legs and met my grandson on his way home from school.

My final stop was at one end of the road in which I live and behind which runs the River Ember. By now the skies were a menacing grey but there's only a small area were you can get to the River on this side. A couple of cormorants were about and, in that direction, apart from a solitary coot was all there was.

Turned around to look in the opposite direction upon hearing that familiar call and - guess what I saw?!!

One on it's own as far as I can see so I'm not sure whether the call was just wishful thinking.

A small side stream but covered in Water Lily leaves - should look really colourful before too long.

I'm beginning to think that 2009 is my"Year of the Grebe"

Home before the anticipated rain - which never materialised!


Midmarsh John said...

Love the photo of the Mallard triplets, they look so self assured.
It's no good Tricia, if you want Grebe photos you'll just have to take your waders with you.
We actually got some much needed rain today. 5hrs of it.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent post.. I not seen any of those butterflies before.. I will check we have them 'up north' ha!

holdingmoments said...

Housework? What's that? lol

Little chicks certainly know how to turn on the charm don't they.
Good captures with the Butterflies; I failed miserably to capture that last week.

MaineBirder said...

Awesome series of photos. Love the fuzzy ducklings!

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - a nice treat then after the housework :-)

Love the pictures of the ducklings - I keep wondering if I'll see any along our little stretch of stream as Mrs Mallard often flies out when I'm walking Lucy... There are Great Crested Grebes on the Lake near to here when I get the time to wander along after a long day of gardening! Hope the weather we've been having today comes your way tomorrow! M

Tricia said...

Hi John - it's strange to see the Mallards in a busy river. This was the River Thames which is quite wide at this point by Hampton Court Palace. There's a lot of river traffic now with some quite large boats for trips along the river.

I'd be happy to take the waders, but it was the very steep bank with nowhere to land that deterred me LOL

Tom - I think they're pretty wide-spread but I'm certainly no expert on flutters.

Keith - Housework = not a nice word and a word that I still, after all these years, still don't understand :D And first time ever I "caught" two flutters together.

Hi Miranda - indeed it was! More like the great escape methinks! Good that you've got Grebes locally - wonderful birds IMHO. So that's where the sun's got to!

Tricia said...

Hi MainBirder and good to see you here. Thanks for the kind comment - the fuzzy ducklings do have the "Aw" factor certainly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia, The ducklings look quite a good size so hopefully they should survive OK.

Liz said...

Nice to see some Green veined whites, I don't think I've ever seen one before!! But I could very easily have assumed it was a Large White :)

Lovely photos Tricia, and I hope your carpet problem is sorted soon :(

ShySongbird said...

Housework Tricia? Surely not, what a very rude word!

Lovely 'baby' and butterfly photos, and I'm already thinking of you as the GCG lady. :-D

Tricia said...

Roy - they're certainly the biggest I've seen so far.

Liz - I've only just learnt about GV Whites; before that I probably would have assumed the same if I hadn't looked properly.

Jan - sorry about the rude word - one that should never have been invented!

Lol re GCG lady.

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Tricia, Lovely pictures, especially the one where you risked falling into the river and being stung mercilessly by the nettles. By-the-way did you get your housework done?

Tricia said...

Lynmiranda - the things I'll do to get a picture!

Housework? in part only....

oldcrow61 said...

Love those babies. Great pictures Tricia.

Tricia said...

Hi OC and thank you - the babies do fill the "aw" factor don't they.

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