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Sunday, 24 March 2019

Cuckmere Haven and a quick visit to Warnham LNR

Up with the lark this morning - and as daylight dawned,  a beautifully colourful sunrise!

Out on the road for an early start - I was at Cuckhaven not long after 08.30 - which meant a choice of parking spaces in the car park! Result... :D

Just two drawbacks to the day... I went to the boot to get out camera and lenses.. oops.. camera present and correct with the 18-135 lens.. camera bag with the 100-400 oooops - I knew exactly where it was.. at home.. ready to be taken out to the car grrrrrr.
Ah well, it was to be a mixed day with landscapes and birds.

Glorious weather as I arrived.. and meandered down to the beach... the most impressive part of the day was the sound of skylarks singing virtually non stop the entire time I was there.. just wonderful.. Saw two flying high, and another two took off from the ground, where they'd been inivisible.

Hardly anyone about as I set off, had a nice chat with a fellow birder and a very responsible cyclist.. just enjoying the wall-to-wall sunshine and getting warmer by the minute.

I just walked.. no particular route in mind, except I knew I wanted to walk to the sea, which I did!

Many sheep but no lambs for them as yet!

Saw quite  few Meadow Pipits..

Couldn't believe this.. a Peregrine Falcon! My only ever flight shot of one, I have to have the wrong lens.. so record shot only!  But nonetheless, please to have got it!

More Meadow Pipits around this area

One dog.. enjoying a swim, given its owner was throwing sticks into the water for it!!

I'd walked a few miles, so decided to leave and drive along the coast road!.. Think everyone else had had the same idea.. so I headed back home, grabbed my lens and spend a pleasant time at Warnham for a bit.

Would have been good to stay for a sunset but ...

8 Mute Swans out on the Mill Pond, the majority of which were youngsters.

A couple of Grey Wagtails..

The resident chickens running after their lord and master hoping for something to eat!

I walked around the road to see if any evident of the Grey Wags nesting.. but nothing I could see!

A great day out, blue skies, sunshine and feeling very warm

and tonight's sunset!

Back down to earth tomorrow..

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