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Friday, 29 March 2019

Sicily - Day 2, Mount Etna and Taomina

For the first part of this holiday, the hotel in which I'm staying charges for WIFI and limits that to 2 GB for the 3 allocation.  My data here generally is OK, but in the hotel is painfully slow. 

So tonight, just a taster from each of those places and full blog when I get home

Mount Etna - at the time, 2,900 metres high.. minus 5 degrees, and snow and ice on the lava!  It last erupted in 2018 - so far, this year's been OK .. gulp!!

Just a few pics.

and yes, I walked up to there ! :)

and late afternoon, in Taomina... a town on a hilltop

1 comment:

Elaine Crew said...

Loved both Etna and Taormina - the amphitheater there is amazing!

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