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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Wind swept shores...

Not the day I'd planned.   The predicted gale force winds arrived with a vengeance today,  I had my day planned.. however....

A blown down fence panel which left a very shaky other panel (attached to the house) meant attention was needed.  My heartfelt thanks to my neighbour J.. who helped me move the displaced panel and also managed to co-opt her son to assess the shaky remaining panel and made a temporary repair.  So thanks to you C as well :)

I went down to my local bit of the coast.. couldn't park where I really wanted to be, but managed to drive further along and get some wave shots.

The wind was strong, the views were great, the sea was heaving! 
There's something about the sight and sound of crashing waves on the shore.

So I drove off to Warnham LNR.. leaving behind scudding clouds but sunshine and blue skies.
As I drove further north, the sky darkened, the sleet started, the hail stones bounced, the road were lake-like .. I parked at the reserve.. the rain didn't abate so I drove home.

Where I live, about 6 miles away, the roads were dry, the sky was blue, the sun shone.  But a slight detour needed as the local road had a fallen tree.. so a few extra miles to get home. 

A bracing but enjoyable visit to the seashore!  Certainly blew the cobweb away!

Crazy weather :D .

1 comment:

Roy Norris said...

You shot some nice seascapes anyway Tricia.

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