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Friday, 15 March 2019

Warnham LNR - and finally, the Brambling!!

Well.. this morning was not  good !!.. so moving swiftly on

I made it over to Warnham in the rather wet afternoon m- so good to get out!... en route on a main road a male and female Mallard were walking along the pavement looking confused... I slowed down despite what other traffic was doing, just as they took flight.. the female's wing clipped my car as she took off but, thankfully, continued flying without mishap!

A Bank Vole

and then, having been sitting in the Woodpecker hide for a while, the Brambling appeared!

The male chaffinches are looking gorgeous at this time of the year! 

A male Great Spotted Woodpecker joined us.. briefly

On the Mill Pond, 5 cygnets and 4 adults elsewhere  :)

A male pheasant

So pleased to get out, and good to see you Gill!

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Simon Douglas Thompson said...

You got some great images there!

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