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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Birding in Kent

Today there was a meeting of birders at RSPB Dungeness so after breakfast we duly set off to join them. Upon arrival at the car park we appropriately clad ourselves in waterproofs and wellies etc. and decided that given the grey and rain, taking a camera was madness!

We had a wander about and saw various birds then headed back to the visitor centre to go off in a different direction. Then, amazingly the sun came out and there was some blue sky - oh what a difference it makes.

Not much good for pictures today as everything was too far away. But I saw (at various points during the day):

Stonechat, Lapwings, Coot, Wigeon, Mallard, Canada Goose
Pintail, Teal, Goosander (x 5 !!) Golden Eye, Ruddy Duck
Marsh Harrier, Cormorant, Shoveler, Mallard,
4 different types of Grebe - Little, Black-necked, Great Crested and Slavonian - good stuff!
Tufted duck, magpie, Bewick Swan, Blut Tits, Stock Dove, Blue Tits, Robin
Kestrel, Robin, Curlew and - heard - Cettis Warbler.
Blackbird, Collared Dove, Wren and a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Pete saw a Green Woodpecker but I missed it!

Not a huge list but there weren't many birds about.

By early afternoon we had seen all we thought we were going to see and then we all opted to go off in different directions. Pete and I decided we'd try for the night heron further east along the cost - we knew it had been sighted yesterday.

We walked along the river bank for some distance and then decided to turn back. Eagle eyed Pete then noticed something being very still in amongst the reeds. The light was fading fast by now but it was definitely the night heron. Just a pity it was very well hidden in amongst the reeds - I think it had retired for the night as, despite waiting, it wasn't coming out! Never mind - there's always tomorrow - as they say!! We added

But today wasn't entirely restricted to our feathered friends:
Yes - the sun shone!

About 20 Wind Turbines and miles of electricity cables - pretty view!

Dozens of sheep quietly grazing, snug in their woolly coats.

And, the animal you meet most days, a ferret being taken out for a walk by its master!!


Jan said...

Made a comment on Pete's about the ferret, so won't be repetitive!

Looks like we had similar weather here, it was beautiful first thing, blue skies, and sunny but by lunchtime the wind was picking up and boy has it blown since, eased off now thank gawd. Rain wasn't too bad though.

Glad you had a reasonable day anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I love wind turbines! There is a guy takes his ferret to bushy park for a walk too! Is not very nice weather here either but seems you are having fun anyway.

Tricia Ryder said...

Jan - seems we're all suffering the same sort of weather !

SPD - think the turbines are working overtime at the mo! Must watch out for the Bushey ferret!! Lv Mum

Eagleseagles said...

Part of the problem with viewing a Night Heron- despite its name is it was ready for bed!
Usually first thing is good as it has to fish for its breakfast. It has to said it does spend a lot of time asleep!

Nice Ferret!

Those Sheep have no shelter on the Marshes - I know they are hardy but it would be better for them if there was at least the option of shelter!

Glad you had a good day.

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