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Friday, 16 January 2009

A Lifer - in terms of venue

I feel I know West Sussex quite well but, to a much lesser degree, East Sussex. I tend to be familiar with the "bits" around where a great friend of mine lives.

Well, today found me in Kent where I met up with Pete. As is beginning to be the norm, the light was dreadful, the skies grey and the atmosphere - damp! I'd even driven through fog on my way down!

Had a very good lunch at a wonderful old pub (Pete is the "where to eat" expert!") - The Woolpack at Brookland (I think!). Low ceilings, sloping walls and floors - great!

So where to in all this gloom? We went off to Rye which is in East Sussex but only just over the Kent/Sussex borders. I'd never visited here before but what a wonderful town and one of the 5 Cinque Ports. What was so lovely, apart from the many ancient buildings, was that all the shops seemed to be individual shops and we didn't see one chain shop amongst any of them - bliss!! There is even an old-fashioned sweet shop selling its wares from large jars, weighing the sweets and then popping them into a paper bag - oh the memories!

The terrain is very steep and Rye rises up from the River Rother (try saying that after a glass (or two) of vino!), and many of the streets are cobbled.

(On the birding front, (no pictures) we saw large flocks of mute swans, hundreds of coots, gulls, some Lapwings etc. etc. and, flying over the road a Marsh Harrier - and all these seen en route in the car!)

So wander around Rye with me

The Church

The streets of Rye

and this one is for my daughter :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Phil and I know Rye quite well as that is where "Honeysholidaycottages" are based, owned by Phil's brother and sister in law!! I love the old fashioned sweet shops there too!!

We went to Ferring and Goring today ( more on my blog).

Enjoy, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Well Tricia that was a wonderful wander, around a lovely place. And as you stated, Ooooh the memories of those sweet jars, the good ol'days. Thanks again for the great pics. Your versatiity with your camera does you proud.



The Early Birder said...

I have only walked the streets of Rye once in my life despite passing thro' many times. Your pics do it justice Tricia.

Eagleseagles said...

Cant believe you havent visited Rye before!

My parents honeymooned here in 193o something!

But you didn't go to Rye NR!
shame on u!

Bob and I will be here on sunday- going to Kent coast and then Dunge and then Rye!


Old Wom Tigley said...

I have heard of this place many times but never been.. I will certainly read up more on this beautiful part of England.


SPD said...

Rye is lovely makes you want do borrow a horse and gallop through the town....or is that just me? Great place for fish and chips out the paper too! Funny whenever I was there was grey too, have fun.
Lv S

Tricia said...

Jackie - will pop over and catch up with your Sussex exploits!

Paul - thanks and glad you enjoyed the tour!

Frank - it must be even better in the sun!!

C - Didn't have time for Rye NR and too late in the day.

Tom - definately worth a bit of a read. Good to see you back here too.

SPD - If you're galloping through the town, make sure I know in plenty of time so I have my camera ready please! Lol - Mum

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