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Friday, 9 January 2009

Is is two or three?

Much ado about nothing today in terms of going out and about. I did manage to get a great deal of tidying up done in the garden though.

And throughout the day today, I was kept company by not one, but two robins - they are definitely a pair.

As I toiled away, I was serenaded beautifully by this robin.

and then I managed another shot. BUT looking at the chest markings I now realise that this was the second robin. Again this is interesting, because I have another regular robin that is ringed. I just can't quite tell whether the singing robin is ringed or not.

Interesting that the robins stayed in the garden nearly all the time I was out there today and even when I was just watching through the window. Great - I do like Robins :D


Richard said...

I love to look at your U.K. Robins. They are so different from the ones we have here. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Evening Tricia

I love the top Robin with his mouth open. Phil was saying yesterday that I need a decent camera like yours to get a really good photo of the robin that I was trying to take at Wisley.I clicked on it and got it in full size which was even better, !! Jackie.

swatson said...

great shots Tricia,I can nearly hear that little robin singing his heart out.what joy

Cheryl said...

They are such friendly birds aren't they. I love it when I am digging and they come around for the mealworms.

I love the photographs, the first one is so beautiful......

shirl said...

Hi again, Tricia :-)

I agree - great first shot! Funnily enough We've had three visiting robins too which I have thought quite strange. By their behaviour, I am wondering if we have a pair visiting too :-D

Have a great weekend :-D

Janine said...

Handsome little guy! Love the one with his beak wide open singing.

Little Brown Job said...

Great shot of the singing robin, I can almost hear him!


Tricia said...

My thanks to you all.

It was great to see and hear him/her and I was lucky the camera was just inside the back door.

Just wished I'd had time to adjust the setting for a better pic though.

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