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Monday, 26 January 2009

Is it Spring?

Today the sun shone; it was warm; in fact, it was very warm - for the time of year that is! And I felt for all those of my readers who had to work today instead of being able to enjoy the weather - especially after the atrocious rain we had over the weekend.

I'd had various plans for today. Plan A - I was going to meet a friend I hadn't seen for a while. This was superseded by Plan B - which was to give a lift to my daughter to collect her errant car. Plan C - well as Plan B hadn't happened and therefore it was too late for Plan A, Plan C came into operation. Which was - a walk down by Old Father Thames at Hampton Court and a wander around Hampton Court Palace Gardens.

I started off at Molesey Lock. It was quite evident that the rain over the last few days, had swollen the river considerably. In some places it was well up over the river bank. There had been a "flood alert" over the weekend, which means that low lying ground was at risk. However, the Thames did not burst its banks and, hopefully, the water will have time to subside before any further water is added to it.

I took quite a few pictures today, so this post will be continued on another day.

Cormorant that swam into the lock.

From Molesey Lock looking upstream

Molesey Lock looking downstream

Hampton Court bridge

The "hoop" in the picture below is the top of a handrail and not normally below water!

This is the Mitre Hotel and normally you can sit outside; but today you'd need a wet suit and breathing apparatus. The posts are light posts!!

The "bush" by the post shouldn't be under water!

and neither should this grass

Pollarded trees

Behind me as I took these pictures are the grounds of Hampton Court Palace and the Palace itself.

To be continued.....


Little Brown Job said...

Amazing pictures, I hadn't realised there had been that much rain.


Jackie said...

Hi Tricia

It was lovely weather this afternoon and we visited Bushy Park again. Took lots of photographs of the parakeets.

It is such a lovely area and so many places to see and visit without really spending any money!!Luckily it isn't too far from us although we got caught in road repairs when we came off the A3 to go into Esher! Went home via Squires again for a cuppa, but more repairs along the A316 Hanworth, before the M3.

Don't know Molesley Lock but sometimes to go to Shepperton Lock in the Summer with a picnic, also from our childhoods, we both remember Teddington Lock.

Roy said...

You snapped pair of Egyptian Geese their Tricia, well done.

mick said...

I sure hope you don't get any more rain until the flood waters subside! Will any of those buildings have been damaged by the water? I especially like the perspective in the photo of Molesey Lock looking upstream.

Cheryl said...

Hi Tricia....lovely photographs. The river at the end of the road has burst its banks and many of the trees are in water......the continuous rain was quite soul destroying......
You are lucky to have had sunshine, we have had a dull day, yet again......

The last time I went to Hampton Court I was thriteen. Now that is longer than I care to remember!!

Lily said...

Great photos but aren't pollarded trees ugly? Surely there must be a more aesthetic method of pruning?

Tricia said...

Paul - there certainly had bee a great deal of rain down my way. And of course, it drains into the river over many miles.

Jackie - Shepperton lock is lovely and it's great to walk along the river banks there.

Roy - I would expect the buildings are designed to accommodate a rising river level. It happens at least once every winter.

Cheryl - sounds as though another visit to Hampton Court is due?

Lily - thank; I think this is probably the only way to really pollard these trees. But, come the spring and summer they'll begin to change with their coats of leaves. I actually, don't dislike them :)

Tricia said...

Roy - the Egyptian Geese seem to be taking over the area. In Bushey Park (just the other side of the bridge) there are breeding pairs and you can often see about 15+ of them!

Roy said...

Thats good Tricia, they are obviously on the increase and spreading further afield now as you could only find them in North Norfolk at one time.

Old Wom Tigley said...

We have had rain here but nothing like this... I do hope it settles down for you there.
We have seen an increase in Cormorants coming in land to some of the troat lakes and fishing lakes.... there do not go down well with the owners or the fishermen, but as a bird watcher it's nice to see them around.

Wiggers World

Janine said...

Pruning a tree in that way would be illegal here because it weakens the tree and it cannot withstand hurricanes. Nice cormies!

Tricia said...

Hi Tom - we've got pouring rain again today and forecast is not good. I do like seeing the Cormorants and there seem to be plenty around here at the moment.

J Thanks.

That's interesting about pollarded trees over there. I assume it must have something to do with the roots in order to keep the tree anchored in the ground.

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