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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sunny Sussex

Today I spent a day with Mum and I'm glad to say that she's looking, sounding and professing to be, almost back to normal and definitely so much better. I'm soooo pleased to see her looking really perky.

The sun shone, but Mum had a chiropody appointment. This was good for her and me! The chiropodist is located in Goring (by-Sea) and within a stone's throw of the beach. Sooooo - whilst Mum was being cosseted I headed off to the beach with my camera.

Appointment completed, it was far too nice just to head for home - especially as this was the first time Mum had been out for the last week. We drove just a few hundred yards along to Sea Lane Cafe (always know in our family as the "8 day cafe" - see link and scroll down a bit) where we had a cuppa- or to be more precise, Mum had apple juice and I had hot chocolate with cream and an apple danish - well this was breakfast for me!! This is somewhere I can really recommend - great food and drink and a sea view - 8 days a week :D.

Off to Goodwood we went, for the view. Apart from visiting the house for a craft fair I've yet to visit the house per se. - something I hope to rectify when it opens again this year.

We then stopped for lunch at a garden centre on the way back to Mum's. After filling up her bird feeders I then headed off for home. It was freezing all day but glorious sunshine - and we both enjoyed a really good day out.

I heard (on the radio) coming home that Surrey is likely to have temperatures that will not really get above freezing for the next 7 days! Sounds like fun!

On the beach (not far from Sea Lane Cafe) - and just by looking and with a bit of imagination, you can feel the hot sun on your back, the sound of gentle lapping waves and temperatures in the 20s c. Well - OK - a great deal of imagination

View from the top of the hill near Goodwood Racecourse

and a Rook (one of many) also enjoying the view!


mick said...

Beaches are always nice - but they're even better when they're warm! Nice photos as always.

Pete said...

the landscapes are MUCH better with the new cam.

Tricia said...

Mick - warm beaches are great but I love the crisp skies of winter.

Pete - the bright light makes a huge difference with any camera. ;)

Jackie said...

Great photographs again Tricia. That is another place that Phil and I will have a drive to when he is all sorted!!. I think we went to Goring on a coach day trip around Sussex. Does it have a Church with the ceiling like the SISTINE CHAPEL in Rome? It is good to know about recommended cafe's in areas one is visiting.Jackie.

Jackie said...

PS. I have just looked the Church up on Google and I see it is in Goring. JM

Tricia said...

Hi Jackie and thanks. Yes - you are quite right, there is such a church in Goring and here's a link:

Little Brown Job said...

Beautiful pictures of the coast, looks like a lovely place.


avalon said...

Glad mum is feeling better. great pictures,

Tricia said...

Paul - it's one of my favourite places.

Avalon - thanks - it's a relief!

Tricia said...

Jackie - sorry only just moderated your comment about finding the church in Goring. You must have thought I'd lost the plot completely? Lol

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