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Friday, 20 March 2009

Hunting for Great Crested Grebes

I've got my grandson staying today so my trips out are a bit curtailed. Did manage a quick trip around the Boating Pond in Bushey Park. My daughter had advised me that the Grebe pair were around their nest yesterday. Today? No sign of them anywhere. I do hope they've not left. A coot seemed to be occupying the nest and the platform the Grebes used the other day was gone!

I got chatting with Mark (who I'd met there a few weeks ago) and then we were joined by another birder who came from Sussex. By now, my young man was getting restless so we headed off home.

Not much out of the ordinary but did manage just a few pics.

Lazy male Mallard

As one Coot left the nest the other was waiting to take over. I couldn't see any eggs but I'm presuming from their behaviour that there were some there. I shall keep my eye on it!

The water was lit by bright but hazy light so the reflections were good.
Another coot (there seem to be dozens of them about this year!)

and a male and female Mandarin enjoying a snooze the spring sunshine

That's it for today.


swatson said...

that mandarin male is an impressive duck looks more like a piece of china

Tricia said...

Sheila - they do have amazing feather colouring - looks more like the birds have been sculpted than feathers grown!

ShySongbird said...

Exactly what I was going to say, they really are extraordinary looking birds. Nice photos again.

Warren Baker said...

Coots and mandarins, both a real treat on my patch, not seen the latter yet this year.

Cheryl said...

Your photography is beautiful Tricia.....

Have fun with little man......

Anonymous said...

A really super new header photo Tricia.

mick said...

Interesting about the coots occupying the nest used first by the grebes. Is this usual? Do they make their own nests sometimes?

oldcrow61 said...

The male mandarin is a beauty. Lovely pictures.

Tricia said...

ShySongbird - thanks.

Warren - in the spot I saw them, the Mandarins seem to be around mainly in Spring and Summer

Cheryl - thank you

Roy - thanks - the sun was lighting the ducklings so well!

Mick - I have a feeling that the coots might have started the nest. If so and the GC Grebes took it over I imagine the Coots would have acted quiete aggressively. I shall be returning as much as I can to keep an eye on this.

I don't know if this is typical or not - will have to research this.

OC - Thanks - they are lovely birds.

st said...

love the new header.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent postings Tricia, nice to see the Mandarins, they really are stunners.
The new headers is a winner as well.

I've Long Tailed Tits on my posting today

Wiggers World

Graham James said...

Fabulous shot of the Mandarins, Tricia.

Tricia said...

Thanks ST and Tom - just luck with the sinking sun for the header picture (I'll be popping over Tom)

Hi Graham - and thanks :) I like the "spectacles" on the female!

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