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Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Paras!

Today being Mothering Sunday, I went down to Mum's and my brother cooked us a roast Sunday lunch - yummy! :D Thanks Bro! Before lunch Mum and I had a drive along the coast - our normal route. However, today the sea front was thronged with people and whereas, normally, we would just stop the car and watch the sea or have a short walk, today there was no easy parking so we just drove along. So no birdies out and about today.

When I awoke at my usual time this morning I was greeted with grey skies! Doh - I've got too used to sun and blue sky!

At about 6.45 I was having my first coffee of the day and idly watching the garden birds. I realised that Spring must be here from the number of Ring-necked Parakeets (or Rose ringed Parakeets) in the garden. During the winter months the numbers are normally anything between 4 - 8 on a daily basis. Once the warmer weather and the breeding season start the numbers increase noticeably. Over the last few days, there's not been fewer than 8 at any one time and this morning, there were 12 in the Apple Tree.

What was interesting is that the majority were male. Normally its mostly females - about 1 male to every four females. Of the 12 this morning 9 were males. Given that the young (from last year) and the females often look the same, I can't positively say the remaining 3 were female but I should think it more likely.

(For those who don't see Paras that often, the male has a black bib and a deep pink ring around its neck - the females don't have this at all except for a very pale and almost indistinguishable green ring).

Whether you like them or loath them, at 6.45 on a dullish morning, they do brighten up the garden a bit!

The full set!

This group were probably having the equivalent as the "lads down at the pub" get together.

Whereas this couple were having a serious natter about something! Whilst it's definitately a male on the left, I'm inclined to think the second bird is a female! (I wonder why!)

The sun had eventually came out and it was a lovely drive back home in gentle early evening sunlight!


Midmarsh John said...

No Paras in this neck of the woods so interesting to read about them. Weather opposite here, cool start, warm middle to the day but cold, dull and windy end. The latter seems to be the forecast for the end of March so hang on to those memories of sunny warm days Tricia.

mick said...

All the parrot family that visit my garden are sociable and NOISY! They are fun to watch - you definitely can't ignore them!

Warren Baker said...

I only get the odd para passing through my patch tricia. I did have one visit my garden feeders once though!

Roy said...

Hey Tricia, you can send some up to East Anglia if you like as they certainly do brighten up the morning.
1 male to 4 females, sounds interesting. {:)

Little Brown Job said...

Great shots, certainly adds a bit of colour to a gloomy day. I'd love to see these, not sure we're likely to up here in Yorkshire though.


Tricia said...

John - sorry you haven't had the sun; I've heard about the low pressure coming and trying to pretend otherwise!

Mick - yes you've summed it up well - sociable and VERY noisy (especially when the young start visiting)

Warren - be pleased it was only the one!

Roy - I'll be pleased to send you plenty. Hmmmmm - yes indeedy!

Paul - you never know! I'm sure they'll get there one day. I think the South East will soon stop being able to accommodate them all!

Jayne said...

I'm glad I looked at your blog today, if I were to see them in our garden (although unlikely) I would think someones aviary had been left open lol - great shots again!

MaineBirder said...

Of course, none of those beauties on this side of the pond. Very nice photos of a beautiful bird!

Phil Wallace said...

Tricia, thanks for explaining the sex differences of parakeets. I didn't know. Must watch out now when I see them.

Regards, Phil.

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely shots. I really like the parakeets. Wish we had them here. Mothering Sunday....never heard of that. Is that like our Mother's Day, in May over here?

Tricia said...

Jayne - you're right in thinking that way and obviously they are :)

MaineBirder - they shouldn't be here on this side of the pond either

Phil - you're welcome, glad it helped.

OC - thanks. Yes Mothering Sunday and Mothers Day are really one and the same and the same as yours in May. Mothering Sunday seems to have several different origins; one of which is that young girls/boys "in service" would be allowed to visit their mothers on one (1) Sunday in a year! Hence the title. There are also religious origins as well.

Joe said...

Hi Tricia,

Great photos, and the number of parakeets is quite amazing. They are so colourful! I hope they aren't having a negative effect on our native garden birds though. Apparently, they use up holes in trees which other birds would otherwise use.

I wonder how long it will take for their population to spread to Buckinghamshire.

Chris said...

Wonderful pictures. The last shot is very nice with their attitude.
You know what I saw them in Paris. A couple escaped few years ago and there is no a small "semi-wild" population around!!!

avalon said...

Glad you had a lovely day, and lunch cooked for you that must have been nice! Love the new blogg header soooo cute.

Stewart said...

Hi Tricia, those deer from the other day are indeed Fallows, all uniform probably due to age / sex/ time of year. Roe Deer are our only common species up here and you never see them in groups of more than 4 - 6, usually pairs or 3s are the norm... I like the Paras though, we have nothing like that except maybe Puffins!!


Tricia said...

Chris - Thanks. Amazed that they're in Paris - be interesting to see how quickly the numbers increase.

There's various reasons given for their being over here. The one I like is that some were used as "props" for the filming of the African Queen - and they escaped.

Avalon - Twas very nice indeed (Brother's a chef and I hate cooking although I love food, so....)

Stewart - thank you. I'd forgotten to update blog. I'd been looking at them on the web and came to that conclusion. The face marking, in particular, was wrong for Roe Deer. Thanks for the info - much appreciated. :D

(Oh and I'll swap as many Paras as you'd like just for a couple of Puffins - never seen one!)

digibirder said...

Looks like the male in the last photo is bowing to the female! Quite right too.

Tricia said...

DB - Indeed and it couldn't be anything else of course! Spot on. :D

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