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Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Wild Day!

I had a plan for today that was thwarted by the weather! Hey ho. This morning was wet, windy and wild.

I wanted to try out my new glasses. My "normal" pair are photochromatic lenses (i.e. self-darkening) which is great for driving and when you need sunglasses. BUT - they are hopeless for photography. The number of over-exposed pictures I've had thinking the subject was in dull light is amazing. So, as by lunchtime things had quietened down a bit, I headed off for the local (cheers!) to put the new specs to the test.

As I started my walk around the main pond, I saw again the four new Egyptian Geese goslings - they are probably about 3-days old now.

New kids on the main pond

It goes without saying that I wanted to check the Great Crested Grebes. They were still there but one of the nests was now occupied by a Coot! They are still gathering nesting material but it looked like they were building a new nest (nest number 3) right at the back of the island. This is ideal and to be recommended for the Grebes but far from ideal from a photographic point of view. Time will tell!!

Deciding to walk around to the opposite bank from the island to try to see what the Grebes were up to, I noticed the Cormorants were back on another of the small islands. There were Cormorants in the same place from Spring of last year. I wonder if they're the same ones?

I then walked over into the Woodland Gardens. As I walked through, Little and Large (the two original Egyptian Geese goslings) walked across the bridge to greet me!

Time for a dip

which turned into a drink!

Wandering further through the gardens and having been spotted by various people wanting info. regarding the Egyptain Geese (it's amazing the number of people who stop to talk - but good though), I came across this little poser!

and despite the park authorities' attempts to keep rabbits out of the Woodland Gardens, some have obviously not got the message that they're not welcome!

"If I stay still and am very quiet, perhaps no-one will notice me?"

Jackdaws were hanging around watching the bread being thrown to the ducks and swans

and just as I was leaving, some Long-tailed Tits arrived. Why do they always pick the most difficult spot to photograph them!

Saw Great Spotted Woodpecker and heard a Green Woodpecker. High up in a tree, a Great Spotted and a couple of Ring-necked Parakeets were having a stand off - very noisily. I can imagine they were fighting over a nest hole!

Decided to start sauntering back and as I did, the clouds became charcoal in colour, a clap of thunder speeded up my pace and, just as I arrived back at the car, the heavens opened and the hail beat a tattoo on the roof of the car. Nice!!

Home for a cuppa seemed the best idea after that!


Warren Baker said...

That was a wild morning eh, Tricia. Weather looks better from sun. onwards.

Stewart said...

Nice pics of the Grebes Tricia. What kind of duckling is that in the header? One from a captive collection? Look like a Ruddy in shape, but head is strange...

Anonymous said...

A lot different to last weekends weather, Tricia.
Great pics, again.

holdingmoments said...

Sounds a bit like my day, dodging rain and clouds.
Love those Jackdaws; full of character.

Midmarsh John said...

Love the picture of the Egyptian Goose preening its chest but looks as though it is peering between its legs to make sure the kids are still following.

Little Brown Job said...

Wonderful images, glad you managed to dodge the showers, it's been a bit of a wild weather day here too.


mick said...

I have found the same thing with my glasses Tricia and now keep the photochromatic (and multi-focus) ones for 'normal' wear but have a bifocal no darkening pair for birding. Much easier to use indeed. I am really enjoying all the waterbirds you are seeing and photographing.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos again Tricia. That is a very chubby squirrel! Pretty rabbit pics and also liked the Jackdaw.

Janine said...

Never seen Egyptian Goose goslings, very cute. Glad your new glasses are working out for you. I have a similar problem in that I wear extra dark sunglasses outside because my eyes are extremely light sensitive and I get bad headaches if I dont. Usually I take a few shots of the subject with different exposures just to be sure.

Tricia said...

Warren: Very wild! And as it's now Sunday morning and the sun is shining...

Stewart: It's a mallard; at least it was with 15 others. Don't know if it's because I was leaning over the edge of a boat when I took the shot!

Dean: thanks - such a difference it could have been a different country (well - in one's imagination!)

Holdingmoments: Yeah - a very dodgy day in all respects. Corvids (and Jackdaws in particular) definitely have "attitude".

John: couldn't agree more. The picture even invites a caption!

Paul: thank you - March & April rolled into one.

Mick: I'm not alone then. It's just a pain having to carry the "other" pair!

J: they're becoming a feral population now. I should probably have been taking shots on more than one setting but I think I'm a tad lazy. Lol

Tricia said...

ShySongbird: Thanks. It is a little plump - perhaps a "Mum to be"?

Jayne said...

Looks like a wonderful day with some wonderful pictuires there agin Tricia

Anonymous said...

Those Goslings are lovely Tricia.
Hmm. I thought you might want to check on those Grebes again. {:)

Stewart said...

Cheers Tricia. It just shows doesn't it, the commonest things out of context can trip us all!

Phil and Mandy said...

Love the Egyptian Geese shots, we have them at Sevenoaks Nature Reserve. Phil

Tricia said...

Jane: Yes a good wander about.

Roy: Thanks and yes - as you surmised, I shall be back often. (Although all the Royal Parks are going to have car parking charges introduced -I await events and costs!!)

Stewart: couldn't agree more!

Phil: Thanks - from my observations they are definitely on the increase.

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