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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Another day....

An oddment day today. My Grandson is staying with me this weekend, as my daughter has yet another weekend of nightshifts - thinking of you SPD!

We went shopping for trousers for J today - something he did not enjoy and I'd forgotten what it was like to shop for clothes for boys - with the boy in question. Ah - memories!

After we'd found some we think are OK (his Mum will be the final judge), we came home for a quick sandwich and then went to my local Pet Supplies to buy some Sunflower Hearts. Shock - horror - they no longer stock them as the price has (in their view) risen too much. They have referred me to somewhere else where I can buy in larger quantities but they're out of stock until mid-week.

So we needed some exercise (at least I determined with both needed exercise which was not necessarily a shared opinion :D) and went for a walk around Bushy Park - this being the nearest and most convenient from our last venue!

Very little about except some sleepy Mallards and, more active coots. In fact, at one point, I wondered why I'd carried the camera about. A large Dragonfly skimmed across on of the ponds but too far away to consider for a picture.

On my last visit to Painshill, I took this shot of the Chinese Bridge - just because I like the reflections. On the far side of the Bridge the lake opens out and this is where you'll find the Great Crested Grebes - or Grebe as it is at the moment!

One the of many Greylag Goose goslings now growing up - losing it's "fluffy" feathers and gaining it's adult plumage.

In Bushy today, this Fallow Buck was sporting his new antlers. I do like the velvety look of the new growth and those wonderful doleful eyes!

The Jackdaws were ever present but in the warmth of the afternoon sun weren't moving about much.

And finally, I acquiesced and we came home. A short but pleasant walk.


Anonymous said...

Superb shots of the Jackdaw Tricia, never an easy bird to get the colouring and light just right.

holdingmoments said...

Nice walk Tricia.
Love the blue eyes on Jackdaws, been getting a very shy one in the garden sometimes.
That little deer is a beauty with his new antlers.
Hope you get your Sunflower Hearts soon. They certainly like them.

Jayne said...

What a treat to have a grandson to look after, my dear daughter tells me she has to intention of ever making us Grand Parents - she's only 22 so hopefully she may change her mind and be happy to provide us with some bundles of joy!!!

Chris said...

Wow superb post, I love the reflection shot and the jackdaw... Wonderful Tricia.

Tricia said...

Thanks Roy - they were rather posing.

Keith - thank you. Hopefully you won't get too many in the garden - my mother's visitors have sussed out how to use the feeders!

holdingmoments said...

A quick visit for now.
There is an AWARD on my blog for you.
Just pop in and pick it up.

Tricia said...

Keith - I'm extremely touched and thank you so much. I will send you an email!

Tricia said...

Jayne and Chris - my apologies for not publishing your comments before this.

Jayne - yes he's great fun but you and your daughter have plenty of time yet :D

Chris - thank you; I just love reflections in still water!

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