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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Visitors to my garden

I've been fairly heavily occupied these last couple of days helping my daughter prepare for, and, move. And there's more tomorrow! Needless to say, this has left little time for blogging.

However, if there's been anything of interest in the garden over the last couple of days, and the light's been good enough, I've taken a few pics.

I've moved a couple of the feeders out into a less shaded area - it seems to have worked!

This fox is a frequent visitor but wouldn't turn around to pose for the camera

The Ring-necked Parakeets are driving me mad at the moment. It's always the same every June/July when the young are begging for food - at about 5.00 a.m. onwards in the Eucalyptus tree in the garden. Then again, the same things happens from early evening until they go off to roost.

Now - talking of roosts - I've noticed large flocks of them (largest was about 50) flying west over the house; they may be invaders but it's quite a spectacular sight!) This is the direction of Esher Rugby Club where the roost used to be until it broke up in Autumn last year. Many of the Poplar Trees were felled (Health & Safety don't yer know) and the roost disbanded. I shall have to go and have a look at dusk one evening to see if they're back on the remaining trees.

Youngster being fed

Having a preen..

The Grey Squirrel numbers have dropped this year and the most I've had is three. Here's one eyeing out the feeding potential..

And another having a drink

The bird bath is popular and this Magpie had just had a bath before preening up in the Eucalyptus..

In the garden pond, one of the frogs had come up for air. It wasn't until I processed these pictures that I noticed the tiny tiny froglet on the pond lining. It can only have just stopped being a tadpole!

And as I type this in the early evening of Saturday, the thunder clouds have gathered and it's tipping it down.

My daughter is still packing up and loading the van for the last trip of the day - she then has to bring the van back tonight and return southwards!!!!!!! Fortunately she has some help......and the final journey she will be driven rather than having to do the driving! Good luck SPD - thinking of you.

And I'm off back down again to the south coast tomorrow - complete with my Marigolds :)

I'm now going to expire in the heat and humidity.....that's all for the moment folks......


Warren Baker said...

Wouldn't mind just one parakeet flying over to add to my months list Tricia.

Your right about the heat and humidity, its energy sapping!!

Chris said...

Hi Tricia,
I would like to get a garden with so many friends in there... Even a fox!!! Wow!! Might be a good place to relax your garden!!!
Great pictures as always!

Randy Emmitt said...

To think of parakeets as pests, never would have thought of that. But since our neighbor has peacocks we know fully well that they are pests as the all night calling is terrible. Enjoyed this post very much.

mick said...

Good luck with the end of the moving - its never fun. btw - Parakeets may be noisy but Sulphur-crested Cockatoos are even worse and they too fly over night and morning! Add in the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, plus the Lorikeets - and that is my usual morning and night "serenade"!

Midmarsh John said...

Lovely shots of the fox as well as the other visitors.
Enjoy your 'marigold day' :)
Hope all goes smoothly.
BTW - you can keep the Parakeets :)

Tricia said...

Warren - I'll send a few your way (few dozen that is!)

Chris - I admit I consider myself very lucky to have the variety of wildlife in my garden and also so many different birds!

Randy - Somehow peacocks seem subdued compared to the paras!! Glad you enjoyed the post :D

Mick - I would agree - moving's never fun; I've done it too many times but I've got the packing down to a fine art now!

Gosh - I thought I had it noisy! - amazing what you have to listen too!!

Tricia said...

John - thanks; s/he's a very welcome visitor and very inquisitive.

Are you sure I can't send a few (or several) your way???

Tricia said...

John - I meant Parakeets (just in case there was any doubt).

I shall enjoy the "marigolds" LOL

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful photos Tricia. My man doesn't believe that you have parakeets over there. Now I can prove him wrong when he comes back from his holiday, lol.

Liz said...

Lovely photos Tricia, very exiting to see the Fox - I saw ours this evening but only for a couple of seconds as it marked its territory!

I wonder what's happened to your Squirrels, it's been a good year in general for most wildlife, so you'd expect there to be more than normal!

ShySongbird said...

It still seems strange to me having such exotic birds as Parakeets in the garden but I definitely sense I might regret it if they did turn up here so I think I'll be content with looking at yours! I enjoyed all the photos and you did well to get them in the midst of such busyness! I particularly liked the frog and froglet.

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your last post here but I can't resist one about good food ;) it sounded like a lovely meal and I would have had exactly the same as SPD, delicious! Belated birthday greetings to her and all good wishes for the move and if we're getting into guessing I think SPD could stand for Special Precious Daughter. I don't expect it does but I'm sure it could :)

holdingmoments said...

It's like a nature reserve in your garden. So much to see; and a fox.
Great pictures as always Tricia. Love that frog at the end, great shot.

Good luck tomorrow, and have a safe trip.

Tricia said...

OC - Glad to be of help in convincing your "man" Lol I must try to find the video of them or make a new one. The noise....

Liz - it's great to see the Fox :D Interestingly those in my mother's garden have reduced from about 6 to just 2 occasionally. Don't know if this is happening elsewhere?

Jan - I'd be happy to part with some if you get the urge to have them visiting!

It was a great evening and I'm happy to have to comment about any post!! You're right about the definition of SPD - it definitely could mean that.

Keith - It has been referred to as a Nature Reserve by someone who's visited :D

(Well another day's moving is done and dusted - next couple of days is dedicated to finishing off in the old flat!!)

Cheryl said...

Hi Tricia....the heat and humidity is getting to me to.....I think I may melt...

Lovely shots...all of them. I really like the fox and the are so lucky to see a fox in the day. We only hear them at night but not that often......

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - sorry it's been a while and hope that you managed to get your daughter moved okay - it has been SO warm and this week warmer still here! Some wonderful shots of your garden wildlife - lots of baby birds here too - they're just so cute too! Take care and have a good week Miranda x

Bird said...

GORGEOUS fox and frog pictures! I guess foxy is extremely tame :) I never have my camera when foxes visit our garden, to some extent I don't care as it's just lovely to see them but then I see pics like these...

Roy said...

I particularly liked the fox images Tricia. Just great to get a visitor like that in your garden.

Jayne said...

Wonderful shots and a wonderful read as usual Tricia, your fox looks a little fatter than our vixen here, we still look forward to her visits with her babies mind, never stays long enough or still enough for this mere novice to get a shot!!!!

Mike and Lizette said...

Hi Tricia,

Lovely photos, came to your site from Richard's "Walk with Nature" who posted one of your photos.

Tricia said...

Hi Folks - sorry it's taking so long for my responses to your comments - but still rather tied up with the "moving" business!!

Cheryl - and me too - I dislike this heat with a passion!

Thanks - the foxes do visit occasionally during the day.

Miranda - the move is moreorless done now - what a time to choose in all this heat! Lovely to have the baby birds about :D

Bird - Welcome and good to see your here. Thank you for your kind comments. The fox is definitely a wild one, but he hadn't seen me. (I was using a zoom lens too - so he seemed closer than he was).

Roy - I've been getting foxy visits all the time I've lived here. Many year ago I had a family who sunbathed at the end of the garden. That was a bit of a mixed blessing however :)

Jayne - thank you. He's not too fat (I think the angle makes him look so). I get the impression he's a youngster. One day, you'll get your shot Jayne. Don't give up trying!

Mike and Lizette - Welcome and thank you for your kind comment. I shall "pop" over and see you :)

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