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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday - 3 June Montacute House and Tintinhull Gardens

If this appears on the web today I shall be delighted. I don't know if it's atmospheric pressure but I'm having severe difficulties in keeping any net connection going for more than a few seconds!

Yesterday evening (at about 19.57) the moon, growing daily, was evident in a blue and almost cloudless sky. The moon and stars at night are wonderfully clear out away from the "smog" of towns and urban areas.

The day started bright and sunny, but is now overcast and humid - a couple of black clouds are grinning at us - promising rain no doubt.

Off to a couple of houses and gardens again today; both of which were National Trust. First we went to Montacute House and Gardens which is not far from us.An imposing house built out of local Hamstone which gives the house a very mellow soft look – I found this very attractive. The gardens were reasonably sized but very formal; a very large area of parkland surrounded the house and gardens and viewing this parkland gave an indication of the size of the estate as a whole. The parkland rather begged to be explored, but not today.

Montacute House is built of local Ham Hill Stone and in the surrounding village of Montacute many of the houses are similarly built. It gives the building a very soft mellow glow which, in my opinion, is very pleasant.

and some of the houses in the village of Montacute

Had a snack in their courtyard cafe which was enjoyable and relaxing. After that we visited the house and again I was impressed with the help we (as wheelchair users) given by the friendly and helpful staff.

And then on to Tintinhull for the afternoon. Tintinhull is a very small house which has a charm of its own.

And then on to Tintinhull House and Gardens which were only a couple of miles away. A small garden which was split into “rooms” but the planting was relaxed and informal which gave a tranquil and relaxed feel. The House was open but only a two or three rooms were “viewable” from the entrance hall on the ground floor.

We sat in the courtyard and had an ice cream. In the very small cafe was a small TV monitor; this was a webcam linked to a nest box on the outside wall with a family of Great Tits; whilst we were there they were begging for food and the adults came in with a meal from time to time. The youngster looked about ready to fledge. Needless to say, whilst we were watching, they didn't!

Then off home we went after another great day.


holdingmoments said...

That Montacute House looks very grand.
Hope the weather holds up for you, while you're still away.

ShySongbird said...

Just been catching up with your last few 'postcards' :) What a wonderful time you are having and so many lovely places to see. It was really cold and dull here yesterday after some really hot days, but sunny and cool today, hope the weather holds for you.

Tricia said...

Hi Keith - it was very grand indeed but beautiful as well :D

Jan - we did have a good time and were lucky that there was so much to see in that area! The weather did deteriorate a bit towards the end however!

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