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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday 2 June - Athelhampton and local church

Off we went to Athelhampton House and Gardens. As is normal, wheelchairs could only be accommodated on the ground floor so I duly left Mum enjoying the views of the garden whilst I visited the small upstairs area.

Athelhampton is a privately owned house and has been for hundreds of years; the house being part of the the Historic Houses Association scheme. Each house determines its own policy regarding the taking of pictures and Athelhampton advised that I could take pictures inside the house, with the caveat that I didn't use flash; this meant, of course, that given some of the rooms were very dark, some of the pictures were far too blurred to be used.

After coming through the entrance you come across a thatched barn and a dovecote.

Inside the house the ceremonial robes were on display. Given that we are enjoying considerable heat, the thought of having to don these cloaks was not pleasant!

Walking around the garden, we looked back towards the house.

On the way home, we stopped by the local church (Church of St. Michael, Pen Selwood) to use the pillar box and I took the opportunity to have a look around the church.

A wooden carved statue caught my eye..

and outside in the graveyard, Rhododendrons bloomed colourfully.

Another good day out.

It's interesting that the local area - Penselwood - is given in two different ways. This covers road signs and area signs; so no wonder I'm confused.

So - it's either Penselwood or Pen Selwood. One day perhaps, I might understand the difference.


Jayne said...

Just read through your last few days of holiday posts Tricia and I'm green with envy, I love our garden but I do wish it were possible to branch out a bit further lol
Never mind we've got a trip to Lake Vrynwy in North Wales on Saturday, just for the day mind but it's better than nothing!!!!

holdingmoments said...

Athelhampton House looks a great place. Seems you're having a good time, and the weather couldn't be better so far.
I'd be totally confused with Penselwood too. lol

Old Wom Tigley said...

That dose look a nice place.. and like you I admired the carving very much.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tricia

Thank you for sharing your blog postcards with us and the lovely time you are spending with your mother. What great weather you are having, which must make it easier with the wheelchair. I don't know the area very well although we have visited Stourhead once.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday, hopefully the wonderful weather will continue.


Tricia said...

Jayne, Keith Tom and Jackie - we were lucky with the weather until the last day! More to come soon and thank you for visiting as usual :D

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