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Friday, 5 June 2009

Friday 5 June - Barrington Court

Rain was threatened for today in the late afternoon. Given that we're off home tomorrow, the consensus was we stayed local. So off to Barrington Court we went - It too is built of the local Ham Hill stone. We've been there before, not long ago, when we were roaming round in Devon. It's been interesting to note (well for me anyway) that looking back at last year's visit, I seem to have taken the same pictures standing in the same spot!! How sad is that?

The day was very cool and certainly cloudy as we set off. We had the odd glimpse of the sun but mostly it stayed shy. I saw - ONE - Painted Lady butterfly. Apart from a great numbers of bees around the flowers today, it's been a quiet week in terms of wild life. That's apart from the local and nesting Swallows of course.

However, it was an enjoyable day and we looked at interest at the creations of the local potter, Paul Jessop, who had some excellent pieces.

This is one of the smaller walled gardens and the Plant Sales area; we did manage to leave with our purses unopened!

In one of the several small garden "rooms" colour abounded

and in the Kitchen garden, growing lettuces (or should I use the modern idiom and say "leaves") made a colourful display. And no evidence of slugs!!

Looking across to the corner building and the "blue" section of the garden.

We'd visited Barrington Court last year (when we were staying in Devon) and enjoyed it so we didn't mind a return visit.

In the middle of the rose garden, stood a small sculpture of a dancing faun. Sadly last October (2008) this was stolen and the NT are now looking for a replacement.

Not too many pictures as I'd taken the same ones as previously (or so it would seem) so some other of last year's visit can be found here.


And tomorrow we head off for home. "At this point in time" (groan) the threatened rain hasn't arrived but the sky is a wonderful shade of black! And tomorrow - heavy rain is forecast. Ah well - down to earth with a bump.

It really has been a glorious summer week - we were soooo lucky.


Liz said...

Lovely photos Tricia!

I think we all take the same photos over and over again, something I try desperately hard not to do :)

Don't worry about the painted ladies, not seen a single one here either. Pretty much every other butterfly except them, not impressed in the slightest!!!

holdingmoments said...

What a great week you've had Tricia, and the weather perfect too.
Those red flowers are so vibrant.
Have a safe trip back.

Richard said...

Nice pictures Tricia but I have a couple of questions. 1. What is that red flower? Don't think I've ever seen one before. and 2. In the "blue section" of the garden I see several sets of sticks of bushed ties together. What do they use that for?

Bluebird said...

Just discovered your blog and spent a good few hours reading it. Very interesting and I love the pics!

Rajesh said...

Even though the day is cloudy snaps are beautiful. The garden is colorful.

Tricia said...


1. The red flowers are "Sweet William"
(copy and paste this link: )

2. I think the sets of sticks with the string are supports for plants as they grow. But I don't know what's planted in the middle of them!

Liz - thanks; I'm sure you'll get to see one before too long. Or perhaps when they breed and you see their offspring.

Keith - excellent weather and thank you.

Bluebird - thanks.

Rajesh - thank you. Yes it was a duller day than we'd been used to!

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