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Monday, 8 June 2009

Somerset - revisited!

I've finally managed to update all the posts of our week in Somerset. I'm afraid that, with some of our visits, I got rather trigger happy and consequently there's rather a goodly number of pictures to wade through - assuming you wish to that is :D !

I've created links here, in chronological order, to our days out.

Saturday - Wilton House

Sunday - Stourhead and Shelbourne Castle

Monday - The Courts Garden

Tuesday - Athlehampton House and Gardens

Wednesday, Montacute House and Tintinhull Gardens

Thursday, Lacock Abbey and Village

Friday - Barrington Court and Gardens


Midmarsh John said...

My goodness - how many memory cards and batteries did you take with you :)
A beautiful collection of photographs - more than snapshots. Architecture, statues, flowers and even some wildlife.

I love the framing of those you took by the lakes. You certainly have an eye for recording a scene, Tricia.

Tricia said...

John - I have three x 2gb cards and I nearly filled all of them. I used my laptop (Vista)with the idea I could delete the pics from the cards; but then had a problem transferring the pics by DVD to my PC (Windows PC). So it'll be back to the drawing board. Just as well I hadn't wiped the memory cards!

Thank you, again, for your kind comments. Stourhead was an easy place to photograph being sooo picturesque!

ShySongbird said...

Great stuff Tricia, I have just caught up with a couple of the days I missed, all lovely photos. You really were very fortunate with the weather, I don't think you would have been so lucky this week!

Lovely shots of the houses you visited and I loved all the blooms and the little Chaffinch on the table. Also it was interesting reading about the filming of Cranford and the preparations in the village.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Tricia - it's been a busy few weeks so sorry for lack of visits - rain pattering down on the velux as I write gives me a chance to catch up on some of my favorite blogs! Having lived near Bristol for a number of years before moving to France - many of the locations you visted are old and favorite haunts so great to be able to reminisce! Have fun... Miranda

holdingmoments said...

Tricia I waded through them, and they are a beautiful selection, of an obviously great holiday.

Tricia said...

Jan - glad you like the pics. So pleased we were there last week; in this week's weather we wouldn't have been at any of the gardens!

Miranda - hope that's a positive busy :D Glad you had a trip down memory lane - the rain does have some benefits then.

Keith - thanks for your patience and comment - there were rather a lot of them!

Eagleseagles said...

Havent yet had a chance to look through your photos..

have you ever been to Wakehurst Place?

If you havent I think you would enjoy it...

Kingfisher's nesting, full of Butterflies and amazing plants and flowers.

Tricia said...

Hi C - Yes _- I've visited Wakehurst but not the wildlife reserve as yet. I'm waiting for some better weather before I make contact to gain entry to the wildlife area.

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