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Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday - 1 June - The Courts Garden and shopping!

There are many horses here on the farm and this is one of my favourites. A gentle mare but with a great appetite!

Being on a self-catering holiday means that occasionally we have to forage for food; consequently we decided to go to The Courts Garden - this being a relatively small garden would leave us time for acquiring said food.

Back in Victorian times a cloth mill was associated with the house with the garden only existing from 1901. It's a small garden which consists of several divided areas; a couple of arboretums, water garden, fruit orchard to name but a few.

From here the house is tucked away.

Wonderful colour around the garden with many Irises; including these with such interesting colour combinations.

The Courts Garden is small but beautiful with several small areas making up the whole. Mostly formal, but there is an apple orchard and a small arboretum.

We had lunch the in the tea room (not run by the National Trust) but the food and service (we were waited on!) were both excellent.

Had in “interesting” journey there – we were on the correct route when we ran out of signposts; and this makes me very bad tempered!! However, we found it and it was lovely. Very tranquil and peaceful – a place to walk then just sit and watch the world and its people go by. Lovely.

We finally left the tranquillity of the gardens and negotiated the route to Frome quite successfully. However, although we parked the car with the intention of having a wander around the town, it soon became apparent that the hilly nature of it was prohibitive – I couldn't manage the wheelchair up the very steep hills in the town.

However, crossing over one small bridge, we looked left and there was another bridge, "Ponte Vecchio" style, with buildings lining one of its sides.

So we did our food shopping and home we came. Another good day of our holiday.

And the weather - excellent - hot sun and a cool breeze...whey hey!
(More pictures will follow when I get back home :D )


holdingmoments said...

It's just great to get away at times Tricia, and you sound like you're both having a great time.
That Courts Garden looks lovely.

NatureStop said...

Hi Tricia,
Looks like you are really enjoying your holiday.The Courts Garden is beautiful and you got a goos shot of the iris.Lovely colour.

Tricia said...

Hi Keith and NatureStop

Had a really good time and loved the Courts Garden - all that colour :)

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