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Thursday, 18 June 2009

This and that...

For one reason or another, I've not been out and about much over the last few days.

The Nuthatch has been putting in one or two appearances in the garden; I shall have to re-site the peanut feeder as it's always in the shade of the trees.

This morning my Grandson and I were up at 5.00 a.m. I was very impressed that J woke up and got out of bed when hearing the alarm - and no prompting! We were at school by 6.00 a.m. as today it's the year trip to France. I'm to pick him up at the school at 10.00 p.m. ish! I shall be setting my mobile phone's alarm - just in case!

Had a wander around Bushy Park this afternoon. Dull day weather wise and very windy.

Mothers and children were feeding the birds bread as usual, and this Jackdaw had his share!

Grey Herons seemed to predominate in terms of birds today. This one, standing on the "No Fishing" signpost (it hasn't learned to read yet!), managed to be tipped off balance by a gust of wind.

He regained his balance and continued to preen.

In the Woodlands Gardens, my first sighting of a Pied Wagtail youngster on the bank. He flew over to the other side and perched - too far away for more than a record shot.

Now I just need to keep going until I go off to collect the young traveller later this evening.


Warren Baker said...

Its always quiet in june anyway Tracie. Ive done the same thing with my feeders, they are hanging in the shade too!

holdingmoments said...

Hope J enjoys his trip to France. I bet he's really excited.

Great to still be having the Nuthatch visiting Tricia. I want one :(

Those Jackdaws are perfect; and the wobbly Heron.
All great captures, as always.

mick said...

It certainly must have been windy to tip the Heron off balance - but the resulting photos are really good! That's a long day for a school trip - glad it's not me accompanying them :-)

ShySongbird said...

Goodness he will be tired, so will you I should think! Please, please send me a Nuthatch, you are lucky!!

The Heron on the no fishing sign made me laugh and I love the little Wagtail.

Oh dear! I've just thought you can't even have a glass of red to while away the time!

Matt Latham said...

I miss the days of school trips! Lovely to have a Nuthatch in the garden - one of my favourite birds.

pedro a. cruz cruz said...

Una belleza.
Te invito a mi blog fotografico.

Tricia said...

Warren - Yes - it is very quiet in June!

Keith - thanks. It was back again today :D I think the Jackdaws are one of the "chancers" of this world!

Mick - it was just a sudden strong gust that did it! And I would agree - a ferry crossing the Channel on a breezy day with all those children.... not for me!

Jan - yes - I think we'll need our beds when the time comes! If I get any spare Nuthatches, I'll send one your way :D

Matt - I don't think we had that many when I were but a lass ;)

I would agree - Nuthatches are lovely birds and I always hear it before seeing it.

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