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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Around the pier & on the beach 18 March 2019

I had the osteopath last Monday and the gales had subsided to I had a impromptu visit to the pier before going home

The sea was interesting as the tide was going out... but it was good to be there without gale force winds.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Widewater Lagoon and Warnham LNR on Sunday, 17 March 2019

Am catching up with picture editing, blog and other picture posting.

Had a really great day out on Sunday with friends and the sun shone as well!

Started off a Widewater Lagoon in the morning... the water level was very low considering the rain we've had recently!

First swan we saw.. just love swan's feathers!  This pic doesn't do it justice!

There were 2 Little Egrets who wouldn't stay in one place for long.. one of which MAY have been spooked by one of our party .. or perhaps just coincidence :)

It was very quiet other than that, the Red Breasted Mergansers which were seen the previous day - no sign of them!

A House Sparrow grabbing a bath.

A single Redshank

Gulls everywhere!

We went on to Shoreham Fort, but no birds about.. didn't even see the usual Cormorants... so on to

Think Warnham should be renamed Swan Lake for the time being.. certainly the stars of the show on Sunday!... 11 of them..

The usual culprits from the Woodpecker hide..

we didn't stay long in the hide and went for a wander along the boardwalk.

So much water.. are we in the Everglades?  :D

Walked all the way through to the Kingfisher Hide at the far end.
Cattle were grazing.. they looked so friendly and obviously a species that are able to exist in swampy places..

We had chatted about never seeing much from this hide!  A couple who were also in the hide said they had seen a Kingfisher on a previous occasion.  We saw Jays in the distance, and a couple of Grey Wagtails that wouldn't come out of the tufts and mounds of grass for a picture.

A grey Heron visited..

"If I stay here, I won't be seen by that rather large four-legged beastie! "

A really great day out, in excellent company .. thank you xx

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