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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Redshank - Widewater Lagoon

Short visit to Widewater Lagoon yesterday..


Shopping and a wander in the Park

Needed to do food shopping today. but wanted to walk.. so headed of into town

First stop coffee at an independent deli and coffee shop.. Excellent and they sell Horsham Gingerbread (which is more like flapjack consistently than 'biscuit' and is very addictive - where I'm concerned.  I am told there used to be a cheese shop in Horsham about 15 years ago, and the Museum found an original recipe for Gingerbread.  They gave the recipe to the lady owner of the (then) cheese shop and she started producing the gingerbread.  In Regency times, there were about 18 makers of the gingerbread..

This is St Marks Spire.. the church itself no longer exists.. and was demolished when office buildings were erected.
St Mark's Spire 
The Spire is 46 metres (141 feet) high. 
It was erected in 1870 as a memorial to Mary 
the only daughter of Canon A.H. Bridges. 
This was an addition to St. Mark's Church 
of the parish of Horsham, built in 1840. 
The Church was declared redundant in 1988. 
A new Church was built in North Heath Lane 
as a replacement by the Sun Alliance Group 
to serve the local community and this new 
St. Mark's Church was dedicated in 1990.

and a wander through the Nature Garden in the Park

A visitor was feeding the fowl bread!.. Interestingly the Mallards weren't the least bit interested.. but the (mostly) black-headed gulls were fighting over it.

On the walls of the underpass..

A lonely teddy in a Beds and Mattress shop..

Just a few of some of the buildings above the shops

A suggestion of spring..

and then shopping... that's it for the day.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Nymans Gardens and Warnham LNR - a dull sky day again

Headed off for some exercise and a wander around Nymans.  Would have gone further afield but the skies were grey again.. being positive - Spring's on its way!

A few snowdrops now in flower

The scent from the Daphne was great!

A tasty scone then..

I headed off to Warnham LNR.

Most quiet..

the usual culprits from the Woodpecker hide..

Marsh tit..

Long-tailed Tit

Wren -moving so fast..

and record shots only -  there were 5 snipe!  great to see but far away

and a Little Egret

Good time spent at Warnham, and good company too...
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