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Friday, 11 November 2022

Thailand, Nov 11, Phitsanulok - Lampang

 Another early start this morning, as we left Phitsanulok and drove further north to our next over night stop in Lampang.

On the way (which is about a 3.5 hour drive) we had 2 stops.  The first one was a local family with historical knowledge in Sukhotai. Here we made our own lucky charms.  Our hosts set up an archery competition using (I think) a bamboo bow and arrow.  About 30 of us took part, and amazingly I won.  My arrow being only one of two to hit the target and mine was not too far from the bull's eye  (with a stretch of imagination!).  No-one more surprised than me!

We had lunch there which was very tasty and prepared there by our host and his family.

And after that we went to the walled city of Sukhotai which is an UNESCO - listed site with Buddha images and more besides.  Saw many little Egrets and also a couple of Cattle Egrets (I think)

White Vented Mynas (I think)

Another really great day.  And tomorrow, off on our travels to our next stop where we were to stay for 3 nights.

Thursday, 10 November 2022

10 Nov 2022 - Thailand. Bangkok to Phitsanulok with visits to Uthai Thani and Wat Yu on arrival.

 Today we were up very early for an early start from Bangkok, to our next destination, Phitsanulok.
On the way, after about a 3 hour drive, we stopped at Uthai Thani for a boat ride along the river Sakae Karang and lunch was cooked and provided on board our boat !

Our boat is to the right of the gangway

Just a taste of river life with a great contrast between the rich and poor

A lovely relaxing trip along the river, after which we were on the road again for approximately a 3 1/2 hour drive to Phitsanulok and a vit to the Wat Yu (temple) which was very impressive!

A Mynha bird perched up high

and a Asian Pied Starling

Then on to our hotel where we were to spend just one night.... more to follow  !

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