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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Warnham and later, a surprise bird in Petworth Parkland

I had some shopping today so popped into Warnham.. It was generally quiet... from the Woodpecker hide few birds as they warden and his merry band of helpers are working to introduce new feature in the feeder area.. promises to be good.

Loadsa gulls...

and the sheep keeping the grass down... lovely to see them..

Chaffinches have such lovely colours

Home for a bite to eat.. and the sun came out again.. didn't really want to drive far so went of to Petworth Park.. this is the main parkland area as opposed to the area around the house.

The sun was shining, the sky was blue... it was exceedingly windy and very slipper in the mud but... it was great to be out!!

AS stood and looked out over the lower pond, I saw 1 bird.. as it dived I thought.... hello.. this looks a bit different from the usual birds on the lake.. and

wooo hoooo.  a lone male Goosander - thrilled to see it

then the blue sky started to get darker and darker so I decided best to get back to the car.

Lovely afternoon out with a great reward!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Bushy Park.. dodging the showers

Popped up to Bushy Park today as the weather forecast looked good... and forecasts can be wrong.. so didn't stay too long.

This Ring-necked Parakeet was in a tree near to the car park..

Red crested Pochard

I'm sure this is the Tufted-Duck - RC Pochard Cross I've seen at Bushy in the past..

Investigating a nest hole!!!! in December...

and this tree stump was attracting about 10 Parakeets all investigating the holes..

and as I walked around the pond.. a Cormorant was gazing over the water.

A little Egret.. don't see them over often at Bushy..

and as I was near to Claremont and was hungry I popped in for a fruity scone for lunch.. and it was the usual excellent standard.. but cafe was packed.. as was the car park which I couldn't get in so parked nearby and walked back.

Mt Ponders definitely approved of the scones - and agreed it was the usual high standard of Claremont scones... and quacks to the baker!!

and on the way back ... it rained again...... :)
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