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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to the Forest and on to Wimpole Hall

Set off early for Hatfield Forest and, for a change, I deprived Pete of his mornings entertainment of watching while I scraped the car - no frost today and about 5 degrees at about 7.00 a.m.

We started at Hatfield Forest where the birdsong was wonderful.  The Barnacle Goose stayed around for a bit but went before too long... think it flew of with some Canada Geese.

Five Great Crested Grebes today; saw 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers at the same time; and two nuthatches up in the same tree.  Song thrushes sang as did the robin.  Green Woodpecker over in the trees and chaffinches sang nearly everywhere it seemed.

We walked for sometime and stood watching the Grebes.  Still no weed dance but the beginnings of courting were obvious.

At one time there were 8 Cormorants... hope they stay safe!  Think they were passing through as they didn't stay for long.

Equally a visit from a family of 1 adult and 4 young Mute Swans... and by now we had some better light than when we arrived at about 7.15 a.m.

After a very pleasant walk in the sun which was beginning to get some warmth in it we stopped for brekkie of Bacon and sausage sandwiches and a warming cuppa :D

Walking further afield than usual, we spotted several trees bearing Mistletoe..

One of the houses in the Forest; imagine living in one of them and having the entire of Hatfield Forest as your garden...

As we left the Forest the sun was disappearing and clouds were gathering.  We drove north to Wimpole Hall and Estate... by the time we arrived the sun was out and day got better by the minute.

Started with lunch - the soup didn't really excite so a cuppa and a couple of pieces of cake (shared!!)... the berry sponge cake and coffee and walnut were delish :D

Outside a demo of wool spinning..

And the off to walk around the grounds and gardens... snowdrops, winter aconite, dwarf iris and a few crocus heralded the beginning of spring growth.

This was an interesting ceiling light... it was powered by gas!

Think this bed decoration would give me the heeby-jeebies sleeping under it!

and back out into the sunshine

Someone had lost their teddy.... he looks rather sad  but at least he had his hankie with him to mop up the tears...

One of about 5 ladybirds and we saw a very large Bumble bee... think it must have been a Queen!

and finally, a scone and cuppa whilst we sat outside in the sunshine before coming home.

I can really believe that Spring has started - especially as Pete spied a baby lamb... I missed it as I was driving

..a really lovely day
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