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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Visiting old haunts

I went north today... I was going to visit Barnes (WWT London) but at the last minute decided against it... the traffic was heavy!!

Instead I went for a wander around Bushy Park.  Not much about in terms of birds.  It was strange to hear the call of Ring-necked Parakeets again.  Now I don't hear them that often, it was good to hear them!

Some youngsters still about; a family of Egyptian Geese and later on a family of Mallards.  Seems a bit late and hope they'll survive ok.

Around the Diana Fountain, a family of 2 adult and 3 cygnets Mute Swans

and the Cormorants were enjoying the sun on their usual perch...

Interesting water outlets for the fountain .... :)

A pair of Egyptian Geese preened in the morning sun..

Many Jackdaws around as usual..

and 6 Egyptian Geese youngsters...

OK - a sleep in the sun over, they headed off across the pond with Mum

A mute swan dozed..

This part of the pond is known as the 'Boating Pond' and today there were a few boats.  Thankfully all controlled by responsible adults who avoided the water fowl and behaved very considerately..

A Grey Heron... disappearing!

Strangely there's always been just one Greylag Goose.  In the winter, it's often seen amongst several Canada Geese.  In all the years I've visited I've never seen more than one!

A male mandarin.. losing and/or regrowing its plumage ..

Round by another pond, I waited with a couple of birders, for the re-appearance of the Kingfisher... it didn't appear needless to say.  But a Grey Heron satisfied an itch up in the trees.

Walking back through the Woodland Gardens, a Grey Squirrel was making the most of food left out.  This large tree stump serves as a bird table, and I've often seen Nuthatches here..

Just a few views from the Park (Panasonic G3 with 14-45 lens - I wonder if Pete will remember he's lent the lens to me .....)

Was good to revisit what once was my local patch.   A visit to Kingston followed; totally unproductive, so I came home.

A good morning's stroll...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A garden first? But ID needed and visit to WWT Arundel.

Foul weather here today, but I managed to get out and dodge the showers for a wander around WWT Arundel... it was very quiet (time of year I suppose)..but did manage to see a few birdies..

However, before I left home, this little bird was flitting between my and my neighbour's garden.  It's the 2nd time I've seen it but this time I managed to get a record shot.  The only sound I heard was a - sort of - weet, weet, sound... nothing else. and it may not have been that bird.

I'm thinking Warbler of some sort but which... and the light was dreadful as it was raining at the time!

Any clues as to ID ??  Whitethroat? or juvenile??  Whatever, I was pleased to see it again :D

So off around Arundel..

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