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Friday, 31 March 2017

Nymans for a wander on a dull morning but loads of floral colour

Dreadful weather this a.m. - very black, and windy at times.

I had a very colourful wander at Nymans Gardens despite the weather

This nest box was one of those displayed for sale.. seems some birds bought it for their home....

Venice Day 5 - Back to Burano after a wander

Woke to sunshine gain this morning.. we were off for a wander around Venice..

The Rialto market just by the Bridge is amazing.. most veg, fruit and fish.

and further wandering

A store selling Ducks :)

Spur of the moment decision - we hopped on the boat from there to San Marco

We had a coffee.. we had decided to go to Burano.. the first boat we got we had to sit inside, so changed boats at the Fonte Nuovo and got a better one...

San Michele cemetery as we left..

We got off the boat at Mazzorbo and walked into Burano.. its' a lovely walk.

We found a seat so sat here in the sunshine just watching the water and world..

Poor picture but this was one of the many Black-necked Grebes we saw..

We walked back to Mazzorbo to get the boat back..

was a glorious day!!

and then finally back to the hotel.. for today is the last day here... back home tomorrow..
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