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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Warnham LNR - just a few with a hiding Kingfisher

After a very tedious morning, I came home via Warnham LNR.. the sky was blue and the sun shining!!

Lovely reflections

The Kingfisher was very much about today, but would insist in hiding in branches all the time..

A few tufties about

and 4 Little Grebes.. who, as they came near enough, decided to turn their backs on us..

Mr & Mrs Mallard.... acting to ensure the continuity of the Mallard dynasty.. hmmmm - better wait till Spring ...

and one of the Long-tailed Tits that obliged by posing briefly.... I noticed that this one's been ringed

Nice diversion to the day...

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Birds - just a few..

I've had better days... not what I'd planned!!

A few pics from home again..

I started at Widewater Lagoon hoping for Mergansers and/or Goosanders

I found a female Goosander (please correct me if I'm wrong) and a Male Merganser (that disappeared before I could take a picture)..

Miles away

and heavily cropped

The strip of land with the 'blob' in the top left-hand corner... bears the Goosander

and from there I went to Arundel WWT

 A very flighty Goldchrest.. in the deepest shade and darting about all over the place.. as they do

and then home. not the most exciting of sunny days..

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Hever Castle - brilliant sunshine

I wasn't sure where to go today; so on an impulse headed off to Hever Castle...the childhood home of Anne Boleyn... the weather was glorious!!

There was a Christmassy theme running...but nonetheless an enjoyable wander


There was the Peruvian Husky Charity there with some of the dogs... lovely thick warm coats for a cold day!

Decorated as part of the Christmas Trail..

Partridge in a pear tree

3 French Hens

3 French hens..

And Hever came up with  Cranberry scone straight out of the oven.. it was very tasty as Mr Ponders and Massimo confirmed..

and the local Starlings as I pulled up at home..

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