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Monday, 27 August 2018

Chichester .. the Cathedral is under wraps

Today we went into Chichester.  The market was there today .. along with many many shoppers!!
I concentrated on a visit to the Cathedral and Bishop Palace Gardens.

The Cathedral is currently having very necessary repairs done to the roof.  The roof is unique and no longer watertight!  It's going to cost in the region of £6 million pounds and will take about 5 years

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Chartwell House & Gardens..

I went over to Crawley to collect a parcel this morning .... we have two new visitors... and the headed off for the home of Sir Winston & Lady Churchill.  I really like it there.!!

I arrived early and was glad I did... by the time I left it was heaving.. which is really good for the National Trust.

Whilst waiting for Chartwell to open..

and then into the gardens... it was cool today but beautifully sunny !!

Blackberries from the garden!

A few House Martins had nests under the eaves... long shot so record shot only

and a great scone to finish the morning's walk with.. well done the baker @Chartwell!!

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