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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Polesden Lacey in Spring Sunshine

What wonderful Spring day today... for a day of celebration!..

All over the NT properties .. there are Easter Egg Trails for children.. this was one of the items.. Mince Pies..

At last.. a seat to sit on.. this one is over a bridge :D

the scent of hyacinths was wonderful..

and the bees loved them too..

I promise I am NOT drunk.. just badly placed!!

Phew that's better

another item of the Easter Egg Trail

Wonderful day.. in excellent company ;) ..

Verona Day 3 - Sunday 20 March in Vicenza

And off to the station again.. it's a pleasant walk.  Today we were off to Vicenza.....

It's a town made famous for the many buildings of Antonio Palladio

The Duomo

and today is Palm Sunday

The Basilica

The Loggia del Capitano

The Basilica

and off to the Teatro Olimpico - the main reason for our visit.

This little dog's owner was walking ahead.. the dog obviously knew where to go

Santa Corona

The main bridge with the best views was closed for repair... but pretty views from here nonetheles..

Then a stop for lunch... a glass of bubbles as well :)

The Basilica and Torre di Piazza

Wandering on the way back to the station...

and out for dinner.......

I liked Vicenza mainly for the Teatro Olimpica... but having seen this, it's probably not a town I would rush back too.
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