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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Young birds at Hatfield Forest..

I started off today with a visit to Audley End. Been there many times now, just a few pictures - it was fairly quiet but the day got much better weather wise... warm and sunny - good practice for Florence in four week's time :D

and from there to Hatfield Forest for some exercise

initially I was side-tracked by one Great Crested Grebe and its one youngster.. not sign of the other parent .

Further around the lake I came across a Mum Great Crested Grebe with three youngsters still small enough to be carried on her back!

Whilst I was watching, I was treated to a fly past by two common terns..

Eventually, the second parent joined the first

and immediately one of the young ones leapt of Mum's back and went to see what Dad had to offer.

Great being able to watch them.

Only slight annoyance of the day was a dog-walker who was throwing sticks into the water for the dog to chase... right in the middle of a group of Greylag Geese... who dispersed very quickly... this does make me mad!!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Kestrels, Wrens and Little Grebes

Up north of the Thames today as it's a concert weekend.  I pottered around some shops today looking for various holiday items... not really found what I'm looking for but got some bits and pieces.

It was raining as I arrived in Essex so I abandoned thoughts of visiting Hatfield Forest.  As I drove the sun came out and it got very warm.  I headed off to Rye Meads.

A thistle head.. now gone

Out of the draper hide, some Mute Swan cygnets

a young coot with Mum
and a lonely little tufted duck.

As I started walking, I saw two young kestrels high up in a tree.  The wind was very strong and they seemed to have difficulty staying still on their branch.

Wandered on to the Kingfisher hide.  The chicks are hatched as just as I arrived, both Mum and Dad flew out and off...  oh bother.

One of the kestrels (the nest box is high up on a pylon opposite the hide) came and stayed for a bit just outside the hide door.

A pair of wrens must have been nesting nearby as they were extremely noisy in their protest at the kestrels presence.  The kestrel seem uninterested in the wren's presence!

And on my way back I called in again at the Draper Hide.  Two adult Little Grebes  with their two young one were about

Then a further 2 adults appeared and war was declared.

A very pleasant afternoon in the sunshine and warmth.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Is it summer today? WWT Arundel and Pulborough Brooks... just a quick visit

The sun came out this morning; the clouds cleared; it was warm!!!  Pity it couldn't have been like this on the last couple of days last week.. never mind..

I had a bit of free time of the week's a bit busy.  So whereto?  I decided to stay local and started off at WWT Arundel.  As I started walking out of the car park, I espied a couple of friends who I haven't seen for some considerable time... nice to see you again Malcolm and Elizabeth.

There were a goodly number of people but not that many birds.  Warblers sang though and, surprisingly, there were broods of new Mallard Ducklings and also Moorhens.

In this particular brood there were 11 ... and mostly resting on the boardwalk supervised by Mum!!

But one or two leapt off into the water... plop!!

Despite the new broods (and obvious 'actions' that would suggest more eggs might be on the way!) some of the male Mallards are already going into eclipse.

Three young cygnets from this brood.

And the swallows that I observed building their nest a few weeks ago are now very evidently on eggs... wonderful :D

A pair of Mute Swans circled several times over head.

Very quiet today and some of the paths were, very temporarily close for resurfacing, so I decided a quick visit to Pulborough Brooks before heading off to Park Cameras was called for.

My first dragon of the year - a four-spot chaser.. nice one!

And many warblers singing - Black Cap, Common Whitethroat, Chiffchaffs - no pics though!

But this Blue Tit was hunting for food and entertained.

I was looking for a harness from which to hang two cameras...but as they were much more costly than I'd remembered I abandoned looking and headed off home.

Good to be out in the sun though..

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