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Saturday, 30 October 2010

A bit of a mixed Barnes birdy bag!

First it rained... then the sun came out - I headed off to Barnes (London Wetland Centre). It was very quiet in terms of birds...

A Grey Heron posed nicely when the sun was shining.

Then word got round.. the Bittern was visible. There are degrees of visibility... this is probably the worst Bittern shot ever but it marks the fact I saw one!!
As you will probably having difficulty seeing it, its the "blob" behind the middle cormorant!

The Eurasian Crane (now sadly just the one of them instead of the usual two) was having a bath... normally they seem to just stand about.

We got to the hide just before the heavens opened and it poured!! A Shoveler had a bit of a flap.

and even the Coots looked dejected in the torrent!

Eventually it stopped and this Little Grebe was seen.

and finally - the sun came out and the plants and trees were on fire!!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Birding and a cathedral

I've a lot to catch up on in terms of blogging! I've had my Grandson staying for a bit during the half-term holidays which has been great :D Thanks for your company J.

Last Saturday I headed off to Welney with Pete in the hopes of seeing some incoming Whooper swans. There were a few about but not there in the numbers that there will be in the coming weeks. Needless to say the weather was awful!! It did clear a bit and the heavy rain became lighter but.....

My pictures (of the few I took in the dullness) are dreadful and can only count as record shots.

So after a soup and roll for lunch at Welney (where I bumped into some acquaintances paying a visit on their return from birding in Norfolk) we headed off for somewhere drier - namely Ely Cathedral; another first visit for me.

Just some of the pictures around the Cathedral. Another fascinating building but I think (for me) it's Wells Cathedral that really stands out.

Still - in spite of the weather a good time was had and in good company - just wish the weather has been good too... But the Sunday was wonderful with brilliant sunshine....

Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy memories....

Bukra (or Boo)
was my companion for many walks whilst my daughter and grandson were living nearer to me. Whilst they were working and at school, together with my Grandson, she would come to stay with me. We spent many happy hours together walking and discovering the local areas; we were often in Bushy Park and on Esher Common.

Sadly Boo passed away on Saturday morning - she's not been well for a while, and has left a considerable gap in all our lives - thinking of S & J.

So just want to say "thank you" Boo for all the happy times we had together and being such a great companion!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Bushy and Barnes Birds - in the sunshine

Given the brilliant blue sky and wonderful sunshine we've had in the last few days, we'd be forgiven for thinking this was Summer - if it wasn't for the icy blast of a Northerly wind whistling around keeping us a tadge cool!

Walking (rather more quickly than usual) through Bushy Park I spotted this preening Crow on its lofty perch - lots of feathers to ruffle to keep warm

I was amazed how many Cormorants there are now. This one had appeared from the left, circled around, spotted its landing target...

Undercarriage fully down it then...

landed fair and square on the uppermost perch :)

Where it joined several others - I counted 7 in total

A Canada Goose caught the afternoon sun.

And this Red Deer Stag was resting dozily - having a break from the energies expended during the rut no doubt!

I think the Rhododendrons think it's Spring and I was surprised to see so many flowers.

The sunlight sparkled and made quivering patterns underneath the bridge.

A couple of days later and I had a trip over to WWT at Barnes. There are now 2 bitterns reported but as usual they are being very elusive as far as I'm concerned (and many others as well I have to add! )

But cormorants winter here too..

A coot enjoyed the sun a dived constantly for weed

A small flock of goldfinches flew hither and thither

Whilst watching the goldfinches, we were alerted to several bird alarm calls over by the feeders. As suspected, a bird of prey - Sparrowhawk had invaded the tranquillity of the afternoon.

And finally, I was entertained for some time by diving Dabchicks :D

Shall I go down there?


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