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Sunday, 30 April 2017

A trip into town.. for the Park..

The weather forecast wasn't good for today, and didn't want to waste money on a rail fare to go any distance, so headed off for a train into town again... for a stroll around the park.

I think Ponders was glad to be out given his enforced time at home!!

I'm on my 3rd visit to the Park.. and it's a much pleasanter walk into town than along the roads.. although they're not too bad!!

But this morning I wanted to take my time and enjoy the greenery.. the birdsong was amazing.. I don't know how many wrens I heard.. plus a blackcap, thrush and all the usuals...

This was a nice discovery.

Anyone for table tennis?.. How about your staff Mr. Quacks?..

This area I hadn't discovered before.. !!

Just love this avenue of trees..

And into the pond area..

There are 3 young Moorhens - I had only one camera today with a prime 28mm lens... so close ups were out and pics mostly heavily cropped ...

This Cob Mute Swan was very aggressive to any bird that came near it,.. said birds got chased away  A walked around the entire pond; not many areas where the vegetation gave any views, but I did manage to spot the female on a nest.. she was very well hidden though..

and finally into town for some lunch ..

Without the normal people traffic... a view of the War Memorial..

and then a slow stroll back through the Park to the station.... before the forecast rain started!!

On the train, waiting to leave the station for home.

A pleasant wander and great to have some green space and wildlife .. something I'm missing dreadfully - almost painfully....

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Worthing - by train..

I will have hospital appointments in Worthing so wanted to explore the route when there were no time constraints..

I have to admit, that only being able to use one arm to do everything is getting more than tedious and, at times, downright frustrating that it takes me so long to undertake the simplest of tasks.. however I shouldn't complain.. there are many more than me who are very much worse off.  So.. grumpy grumble over!!

So here we go with a bit of one handed photography!!

Waiting at my station with Henrietta Hedgehog and Badger Bracken

A slight hiccup when I changed trains and mine was then delayed.

However, off I went on the 2nd train

First stop on arrival, was for lunch. I was starving

The sun was glorious and it was much warmer than when I first left..

I wandered through these 'rocks' and wondered why the ground was so wet!!

Just as I got through, I discovered why!!!.. Water jets in full working order!!

On the train home, .. 4th train today..

and there's quite a bit of Wisteria in the village..

so finally home.
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