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Monday, 29 May 2017

Worthing for a wander

Forecast wasn't good for today... in the UK it's a Bank Holiday so lots of people will be disappointed with the bad weather.. such a shame when this happens!!

We srarted off for a visit to Worthing - dull and grey but at least dry

Walking along the pier

Frank wasn't too impressed - he was looking for the sun!!

he did think about diving off the pier.. but fortunately listened to reason!!

So how about sun bathing..

I bought a sandwich and ate it watching the waves...
Even the gulls looked bored with the weather

I decided to walk back to another station so I could have a wander along the seafront..

Far out, the yacht club were sailing some of the dinghies..

This is from a  block of flats that I've passed many times

Roses in a garden as I walked to the station

Just love this.. the rose just opening with rain drops...

and so to the station and my journey home..

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Shopping with a walk and some camper vans!

Had to go into local town for some essential shopping today.  So after getting off the train walked through the park to the shops.

Rhododendrons still in flower

Around the pond lots of babies.. a young Moorhen

and just the one Cygnet.  It was with "Dad" and no sign of "Mum".  The water, sadly, is a bit dirty from the falling leaves..

I walked around the Human Nature Garden.

Lots of bees and insects about..

Bracken and Henrietta , being small, had come along.. can't take the bigger ones when I have to carry shopping..

They had a sunbathe..

In Town there was a foodie type market and..

loads of VW Camper Vans and cars..

and now time for lunch.. a cold drink & a salad at Pret before food shopping

Heavily laden walking back having got off the train, the heavens opened .. hey ho. but I did manage to hold the brolly as well.. :)
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