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Monday, 30 April 2012

Think I got a Lesser Whitethroat today..

Didn't have much time today because of family commitments but, the sun was shining and after all this dreadful rain with the 'promise' of more to come I escaped for a couple of hours and headed over the Pulborough Brooks... which was full of water..!

I was hoping to see something worth a picture or at least of interest in the wildlife arena.... somehow I wasn't disappointed!

As I started a very muddy walk, a bee buzzed around the blossom,

In birds terms,  I first came across a Dunnock... a young one I think?

Lots of rabbits today but this one just sat dozing in the morning sun.. 

Even the cows were being sleepy

So many songs today; a wren, blackcaps, whitethroats and the usual suspects.  The highlight of the day (no pics!!) were at least four Nightingales singing their hearts out.  It was lovely to hear!!  Pulborough Brooks had had a Nightingale event over last Friday/Sat/Sun... seems the rain didn't help!!

This wren showed itself briefly!

An adder was curled up sun-bathing

There were many Common Whitethroats about..and I'd heard a Lesser Whitethroat had been spotted.  And.... as I was heading back to the visitor centre this little beauty sat up singing... I knew it wasn't the song of a Common Whitethroat, but one of the staff in the visitor centre confirmed it was a Lesser Whitethroat.. I'd hoped so as it had the darker markings around the eye!!  (If anyone disagrees please let me know?)

Lots of water after all this rain!!

A bee was collecting pollen on this Dandelion

And then onto Mum's for an appointment... the tulips (and other flowers) in her garden are amazing!

and then back home.  The rest of the week sounds as though we're back to the wind and rain...hey ho!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

A quick dip into Warnham Nature Reserve and ID help pleasse?

Well, came back today from Gloucester - great time with good company.. thanks Pete.

Decided the 100-400 EF lens was getting neglected so popped in to Warnham on the way home.  Generally very very quiet but I was pleased to see a pair of Common Terns back on the pond again.  They seem to be there every year and were spending a great deal of time flying and swooping for food.  Occasionally they would land on the tern raft or one of the perches... good stuff!!

Spent sometime around the feeder area which was relatively quiet but probably because it was late morning.  And help needed please (hopefully confirmation) on a bird ID.. see further down..

Mute swan very well hidden and presumable incubating eggs...

Wasn't sure whether this was a young robin or weary adult.  It was being fed by a definite adult so I'm thinking young one.. albeit early?

A Grey Wagtail landed... on the furthermost post!!  

A Chiffchaff sang.... managed to get a quick shot but..

And ID help please... think this is a Linnet?  If so, first time I've seen one there..

And the energetic Common Terns... I was amazed to get these record shots as they were very active and fast today!!

And finally home... good weekend.. :D

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I went west to Puxton and Tyntesfield..

I had hope to get away for longer but it was not to be... but I did manage to join Pete in the Gloucester area today.. amidst the showers and lovely warm sunshine.

We started off by visiting St. Saviours church in Puxton... a now disused church but fascinating nonertheless.

Having heard the dawn chorus on leaving, warblers then heralded the day with their wonderful song - Common Whitethroat, Blackcap, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and a Wren to name but a few.

I do like this rather peaceful scene of a contended cherub sitting and reading to the butterfly... (well -  that's how I picture it.....)

From there, via another church which regrettably wasn't open we headed off to Tyntesfield House and Gardens... another NT property which was fascinating.  It had been bought by the National Trust and all its contents were those that were in the house on purchase.  So... nothing had been added or brought in from other properties.  Some of the rooms were still being "arranged" and I understood that there were now more open than on Pete's last visit a few years ago.

We had a cuppa when we got there which was very welcome.  Then headed off around the gardens... we'd just started out when the first of a very few downpours happened.. sheltering under a tree we were soon able to set off again; the shower being short lived.

Tulips abounded everywhere and the colours were amazing.

We had lunch there - a very creditable Carrot and Coriander soup with a (shared!!) piece of rather lovely Carrot Cake... it was very tasty

Before we left, we had a cuppa and tried the (much recommended by Tyntesfield) light fruit cake... I have to say it was one of the best fruit cakes I've had!!

I'll leave you to enjoy the spring growth and colours...

If you've made it this far... thank you ... rather a lot of pics today but it was difficult to decide what NOT to include.. the variety was amazing..

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