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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunshine, birds and a musical interlude

Woke to blue skies and sun coming up... off and out early although a slight delay to scrape the  frost of the car first... and I had help!! I'm in shock!!

After a warm brekkie in Pret we headed off for Hyde Park and the birds!  And we were richly rewarded.

Mute swans must have numbered in excess of 30 including some of last year's youngsters.  And at least 7 Great Crested Grebes including 3 pairs...

The Grebes were indulging in some head wagging so if you don't like Grebes look away now... rather a lot of  pictures of the today.

This Mallard duck and drake were snoozing in the grass enjoying the early morning sun.

Lots of colour with spring flowers..

My first Egyptian Geese Goslings of the year.. four of them but, as you will see later, one was much lighter coloured than its siblings.


  Black-backed gull??

this might have been an eighth

A Henry Moore sculpture being introduced to Hyde Park

  My first bluebells!

We saw our first Swifts today (about 10 of them) and a Lesser Whitethroat - also heard a Willow Warbler and the occasional Parakeet.  We were comparing London with Florence, Paris and Rome in terms of open green spaces.  We are so lucky in the UK to have so many parks and gardens and, in particular, several in the middle of London.. wide open spaces with horse riders, cyclists, pedestrians, families just enjoying being there, runners and keep-fit enthusiasts.... and loads of wildlife.  And just outside London, Richmond and Bushy Parks both of which home to Red and Fallow Deer.

and then onto Wigmore Hall for the concert.

Today is was the Doric string Quartet playing:
Haydn's String Quartet in E sharp Op. 20 No 1


Dvorak's String Quartet No. 13 in G Op. 106

both of which delightfully played.  Interestingly I though I was going to enjoy the Haydn more than the Dvorak but in fact the opposite was true.

A quick lunch at Pret before heading off to Stanford's book shop for some maps of Perugia in Umbria, Italy.... ;)  watch this space.....

A great day out and some lovely sunshine which was very very welcome.

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