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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Polesden Lacey in late summer/early Autumn sunshine

Met a very good friend today at Polesden... last (local) day out before Sorrento in a few days!!

It was surprisingly warm for end of September.. which was quite welcome.

No other words necessary.. just good to be out in the fresh air and admiring the autumn colours..

Monday, 28 September 2015

Around the streets of London and an Opera

Another reason for being up in London last Saturday (27 Sept) was to go to hear the opera Orphee et Eurydice at the Royal Opera House

Prior to that we had walked through London and been into Covent Garden to see all the Shaun the Sheeps.... which was in my last post here... 

We were up there early and the weather was glorious.

Just wandering through the streets....

Mr Ponders wanted his photo taken as he rather like this set of stones....

This was at the tube station....

A more general view of some of the Shauns..

  A Bristol Sean..

Rather appropriate.. pictures of a food shop selling all Spanish food.... we're off to Madrid in May next year :)

This 'greenery' was either side of the door... it was all plastic plants!!

and brunch... at a favourite... Delaunay's :D

Amazing ceiling decoration in a restaurant The Masaja Zone

This connection walkway always fascinates me..

Various street artists around Covent Garden

Having gone up to look for our seats, we were early, so spent a while looking out from one of the balconies.. a bird's eye view.

And so the Opera.

It was a love story (most operas are).. and the music was lovely... the singing amazing - Juan Diego Florez's voice so poignant...And additionally an opera with a great deal of dance.  So Music, Singing and Dance... wonderful!!

The staging was fascinating - being in three sections, two of which were raised and lowered.  The Orchestra occupied the middle section and went up and down accordingly.  It was great to be able to see the orchestra for a change.

However, the ending seems to just ... peter out.... no sure about that at all... may be I didn't understand it as I should have done.

However, that aside, a lovely day out with some great music and singing to end it.

(Going back was a bit painful... broken down tube (not ours) meant we had a far longer and more time consuming journey than we wanted) ... hey ho..
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