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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nymans Gardens.. walking in the Woodlands. a new discovery!

When I was last at Nymans I asked about a sculpture of a Kingfisher that I'd heard about - the sculpture had been made using a dead tree.  I was advised that it was in the Woodland Walks.. I'd never heard of these, despite visiting the gardens many many times.

Today I was meeting my friend IHD, so we decide to explore this.  And I'm so glad we did!!  It's very steep in places and today the ground, despite the earlier rain, was dry,

I think this may be another sculpture in the making?

We set off through the woods.. the light wasn't very good at all so not good for photography!

and we found... the Kingfisher sculpture... amazing detail!

We sat and drew breath as we looked out over the lake.

Further on we came across the other sculpture (by David Lewis) of a Toad with ferns and a stag Beetle..

Then off through the woods again..

This time, getting nearer the main park of the gardens but we came across this 'arch' across the path.  Very imaginative work!!

A drink to quench our thirst from our efforts before setting of in our respective directions to home.  A lovely walk - thanks IHD for your company :D.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Parham House & Gardens, an impromptu visit..

As I had to go somewhere in the general direction of Arundel and dropped into WWT Arundel today.  However it was very bird light.. time of year I think... mostly the birds were tails up...

Oooooh it's a long way down there..

On the way back I decided to visit Parham House.  There was an event on which was good but it was very busy...

On the opposite side of the road from Parham House is... a gliding club so...

Heavy horses..... having a much needed drink!

Some of the local produce

A wander up to the church...

This was in the entrance to the cafe... which was extremely busy so I didn't stop for a scone & drink today...

The Church.... so many people inside so I left that visit for another day...

A wander through a small part of the park before...

returning to the car and going home.  A pleasant hour or so on a lovely very warm September day !!

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