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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Visiting the Cotswolds... Sunday and Bach came too....

I'm finally catching up with my blog posts; and given this one is now over a week old....

First full day in the Cotswolds. We had seen a leaflet describing the Ernest Wilson Memorial Garden which was local to where we were staying. It was much smaller than expected but it was a natural-type garden.

Ernest Wilson Memorial Garden

Today we had some company - Bach the Dog. This is a fund-raiser for a charity to do with Classic FM and he joined us for a day out.

I think Bach had been painting the town red the night before as he definitely looked a little the worse for wear! A little confused too about dogs and trees but he felt it good to rest for a while...
(just hanging around)

Encouraged he came down a little lower but still needed a quiet spot for a snooze (but it hadn't gone unnoticed by his master as ... )

Pete then had to have a little chat about life, and what life was all about - Bach listened attentively... the sun was warm and it was a relaxed day - no rush.

(I don't think the chat worked as Bach was confined to barracks the following day - just for the day though - think he needs to listen more.)

All said, the bark on the Bach-favoured tree was very attractive.

From there we headed off and made an impromptu visit to Bourtonhouse Garden Having been there last year we knew the cakes would be very, very, very tempting. However, it was still mid-morning and the breakfast was rather much more than I was used too.... yummy. I shut my eyes tightly as we walked past the cakes.... hey ho ;)

A pleasant walk about the gardens and time was getting near to lunchtime. So where now? We decided to revisit Upton House. We had a soup lunch.. excellent before a walk about.

and finally, onto Broughton Castle.

This bed intrigued me. It was in contact with the floor only at the "head" end of the bed. It looked as though, if you sat on the foot of the bed, it would tip up. I'm sure there's a logical explanation but....

We are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to visit... and all the history that goes with them. And tomorrow... is another day :D

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