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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Scotney Castle & Quebec House

The plan for today - let's go to Scotney Castle....... which we did...

We set off in 'drizzle' and spent the whole day in drizzle BUT nonetheless...

We were going to have a cuppa and scone to start off our visitor but the scones were still in the oven and not coming out for about 20 minutes.

So we headed off for a walk around the gardens...  which are stunning even in the awful light we had today.

There's an exhibition on... not sure I understood it though..

and then out into the gardens again..

before a tour around the house ....  which was delightful..

and then a cuppa and a shared couple of scones.  (that way we get to sample two.. :D )

Walnet & Maple - the scone of the month was excellent and warrented a 5star +..

The fruit scone was equally as good..... thank you to the Scone Baker..

It was still early, and not the weather to be outside particularly in the drizzle, so we decided to re-visit Quebec House..  this being the childhood home of General James Wolfe.... of Battle of Quebec fame (1759)

This is just a small section of a picture which is embroidered.. the patience someone must have had to do this....

and finally the visit over (just a small area for cups of tea and a few pieces of cake so we didn't stay) and wandered back to the car park
Next and final place to visit - we were in need of a cuppa was Chartwell, but the tea room was overcrowded today (hardly surprisingly) so we cut our losses and headed off home.

Despite the weather, a great day out.
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