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Monday, 30 May 2016

The Vyne Estate - Part 2 of 29-05-16

After my morning visit to West Green House and Gardens yesterday.. I went on to the Vyne Estate.

The original house (or rather palace) was built by Henry VIII's Lord Chamberlain - but underwent alterations and had additions under the guardianship of two influential families.  Some of its visitors included Anne Boleyn Elizabeth I and Jane Austen......

I should have visited the two places in the other order.. grey and dull skies in the morning when in beautiful gardens... the sun came out in the afternoon when I visited a house!!

It's a very large estate and I didn't have time to do it justice.  Had a walk through the grounds to the house.. a timed-tour around and then a visit to the cafe for a cuppa and a scone before the drive home.

I will go back when it's less crowded.. it was, after all a bank holiday Sunday and the beginning of the school half term.. and the Vyne Estate is a great place for family picnics down by the lake.

The weeping willow providing a 'canopy' over the water..

and into the house...

and before the journey home.. a very tasty fruit scone with a cuppa....

As I walked back to the car park.. a Red Kite flew over and disappeared.. just managed to grab a shot!

Families of Greylag Geese

A rather large bull amongst the cows... rather glad there was a fence between us...

Lovely day out and I shall visit both West Green Gardens and The Vyne Estate again..

Sunday, 29 May 2016

West Green House & Garden

Today I went to two places for the first time.  The first one being West Green House.. the second one will be a subject of another blog.

The Garden is privately owned but NT members can enter for free..

It's a really pretty garden with a large pond.. pity about the greyish sky this morning though

A walk of 5 bridges..

The inscription above...

The Nymphaeum

Woo hoo.. I didn't dare hope but.... Spotted Flycatcher.. miles away and not the best camera but :D

Rather posh home for these Bantums..

and lunch.. a cream tea.. tiny scones but quite tasty nonetheless..

Mr Ponders approved

and from there... onto The Vyne... move of that in another post..

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