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Monday, 31 July 2017

Warnham LNR.. playing with a camera

Just a short wander today.. the sun was out and so were the flutters!! and a quick sighting of Kingfisher - before some very domestic shopping!

Chartwell House on a very busy Sunday...

I picked up my daughter and off we went to Chartwell.  Forecast was good considering the dire weather we've been having.

Roads and traffic going there were fine...

The weather vane..

So after a bit to eat for lunch we had a look around the house .. no pictures permitted as all the contents are owned by the Churchill estate.. and therefore not property of National Trust.

We then headed up high for the woodland walk.. very steep climb to the very top... was easier coming down!!

This is a bomb crater!

These must be, I think, domestic ducks.. but they were very pretty and having a nap in the afternoon sun...

WE walked some distance and then set off for home.

Bit of a nightmare journey... a car was on fire where we should have left one motorway and joined another to go south.. the southbound slip road turned out to be closed.. so we had to travel north for a time before we could go south again.  Then an A road was closed due to an accident which meant seeking out another diversion.  Finally got to my daughter's house before finding an alternative way home.. as the A road accident also impeded my return journey.

Apart from that, a great day out in excellent company... here's to the next one..
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