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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Audley End... with a smattering of snow..

Well where to?.... weather forecast was... grim!! So had a very pleasant wander around Audly End... until it rained...but great to get some fresh air.. :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Patching Pond

I had to go out this afternoon, but made a detour to Patching Pond on the way back... this is privately owned but there's a lay-by at the 'road' end of it.  I've seen Great Crested Grebes there nearly every year since I discovered the pond... and today... there was one present.  Let's hope they'll be a second and there will be young ones on the pond again...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Birds and a Concert

First Wigmore Hall concert of the year today.  We set off on the first tube of the morning to... try to see Scaup in Kensington Gardens... we didn't ... neither did we see the Tawny Owl... double dip!!

Hey ho.

But sunrise when we arrived after brekkie in Pret.. was glorious.

Some very obliging Herons today..

Some take a dog for a walk.. Pete walked with a Grey Heron..

Couple of Common Gulls were around..

Heard then saw this little beauty on the way out ....

The concert was excellent... first time I've seen/heard the Fortepiano.. which was played beautifully today by

Kristian Bezukidenhout

CPE Bach... Rondo in C minor Wq. 59

Piano Sonata in Eflat K282
Adagio Menuetto l-ll Allegro

Rondo in D K485

Adagio in B minor K549

and finally

Piano Sonata in C K330
Allegro moderato.  Andante cantabile.  Allegretto

We left London and headed off for Bramfield in the hope of seeing a Hawfinch.. we dipped on that too... but did see two Red Kites which was rather nice..

A great day out.

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