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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A different take on Michelangelo's David..

We watched the forecast - it had suggested temperatures of 100f today (Saturday)... without actually seeing a thermometer I have every reason to believe the forecast was 100% correct...not felt heat quite like this!

Another view of the River Arno to start the day

Today's initial visit was to the Galleria dell' Accademia - home of Michelangelo's statute of David.  Again no indoor photography.  It was great to be able to use the Firenze card given there was a long queue and it was exceedingly hot!  It's also interesting to see people's faces as we were waived past them to gain entry.

The Gallery was amazing... I think I'm overdosing on such wonderful art - there is so much of it in Florence!

The statue of David is utterly amazing.. the most fascinating part, in my view, being his eyes..

But what about a pink David?  Still not sure what this was all about :)

So our first visit of the day now over too quickly we were on our way to another venue - The San Marco Museum   The building that houses the museum is the old convent of the Dominican Order

From there we were walking back generally when we came to the Piazza della Santissima Annunizata.  It was an unenterprising Piazza but there was the church and we went to investigate.  Obviously a very active church by the number of masses listed and the 10.00 o'clock mass was in progress.  So we waited in the cloister until it opened.

The inside of the church was beautiful and utterly amazing... just how much history and beauty can there be on one city?

Walking through the Piazza - some more art to view.

Lunch was next on the menu.  We ate today at Cafe Castelvecchio- not the best meals - but by now we were getting very hot!

Our hunger satisfied, our last main venue of the day was the Palazzo Vecchio - another fascinating collection.

Detail of ceiling in the picture above!

So it's about 100 degrees Fahrenheit!  So we should be taking it easy? So what do we do... we climb 233 steps up to the top.... where the world that is Florence opened up below us - fantastic!!

so where were we? right at the top :D

Two statues... look closely at the lower of the two... it moves... it's a real human being (street entertainment)

An Ice cream was consumed!
A Church was visited - opposite the hotel - The Church of Santi Apostoli.

Time to go back and chill for a bit..

After a wash and brush up, we went out for dinner.. this time we crossed the river via the Ponte Veccio and walked along the other side of the river.  Different views as the sun was beginning to glow.

As we ate at the Pizzeria Il David, various musicians strolled entertaining the diners!

It's slightly cooler now... but that is relative... another really good day!
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