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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Nymans - glorious colour on a gloriously sunny day!

I had intended meeting a friend at Nymans, today but due to various circumstances, that wasn't to be.  However, I decided that as the sun was shining I would enjoy a wander.

The sun was glorious again... I arrived feeling pecking so had a very good scone and coffee before heading off for a wander.

The snowdrops are now going over, but the crocuses are in full bloom and looking great!

A couple of magnolia trees just coming into bloom... hope we don't get too many hard frosts. they look so beautiful!

Bees everywhere.. wonderful.

Jackdaw about to land!

The bare trees looking beautiful..

Really lovely to have a walk, in summer-weight clothing ... this time last year we had snow!!

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