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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Guildford Castle and a new cheese shop.. plus a few birds from Warnham

After a bit of research I managed to locate a cheese shop not far from me.. in Guildford.  So today I went off to explore.

As I came out of the house, I discovered I had a Pied Wagtail visitor on my roof.. often have two around !!

Got the Park & Ride at Guildford and started with a wander around the Guildford Castle Gardens.  Today the gardeners were planting the autumn'/winter plants.. I stopped and chatted to one of the gardeners.. the soil is so dry after a dry & windy summer, that they're having to water in the new plants!  Seems crazy to have to do this at this time of the year!

Was a beautiful day.. sunshine and not tooooo cold!

The gardeners are currently planting the autumn / winter flowers.. and, when chatting to one of the gardeners, he was advising that the ground is so dry given the very dry & breezy summer, they were having to water-in the new plants.. he was hoping for rain.. understandably!!

and then off into the town... theses display were in a shopping arcade..

The clock!!

I had lunch at an independent cafe - the K.Alm cafe . it was excellent.. will definitely go there again!!
  It was busy and seating is limited.. but I thoroughly recommend it if you go to Guildford.

and then off to the cheese shop.- PARTISAN. it also sells bread etc.. and has a really good cheese selection

and when we got home, Massimo definitely approved of Brie de Meaux with truffles, and some Waterloo - he will be enjoying some later!!

On the way home, I popped into Warnham LNR.. fairly quiet, but today 7 Cormorants were entertaining us..

and an obliging Nuthatch around the feeder area.

the sort of shopping trip I rather like!
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